Jan 252007

We need a porn scholarship. We need to start cultivating tomorrows perverts today. Let’s make the usual depravity of college a requirement instead of extra credit. For many people, college is a time of sexual awakening and self exploration. It’s about time we gave the poor kids some money for that sexual metamorphosis.

Let’s pay for their tuition, books, and Spring Breaks. Let’s include some money for the x-rated websites they’ll be visiting as well as the strip clubs and the sextoy stores. Instead of making a student decide between eating and porn, let’s have them looking at porn as a requirement for getting their grocery money.

I’m not picky about what the student studies. Sure I would like for them to be writers and photographers, but I wouldn’t mind a lawyer or two graduating with the help of the porn scholarship. Business majors and doctors would be pretty nice too. No topic is too off-topic; imagine what an erotic architect could do if properly trained and inspired. Let’s give a college education to anyone who is proud to enjoy sex and see what that does the professional world.

Just imagine what that scholarship application would look like.

  2 Responses to “Erotic College Fund”

  1. Can I be on the application review committee?!?! There will be an oral exam as well as a practi_cum as part of the process.

  2. MY mind boggles at the requirements for the person who administers the requirements for a porn scholarship.

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