Dec 272006

This is a light work week for me so I gave myself the week off from all my other responsibilities and hobbies. That means lots of television and internet surfing with the occasional classical reading. My goal was to recharge my batteries as I stop and smell the pussy. But blogging is a hard habit to break and I wanted to share a few random thoughts from a very relaxed erotic writer.

1. Few things sadden me more than seeing a sex blogger spend a majority of their blog talking about the television shows they are watching. This is the true argument that television is the opiate of the masses.

2. As a writer, I greatly admire Orson Welles’ ‘War of the Worlds’ radio broadcast because he somehow managed to convince listeners that tripod riding Martians were invading New Jersey. That is what we call suspension of disbelief. I really admire his insincere apology where he expresses shock and horror that people believed events that were in a popular classic novel were somehow construed as fact. That is what we call writer’s ego.

3. My comments have gone down as my blog hits go up. I suspect a large part of it has been my lack of responding to comments. There are days when I just don’t get to see my blog till the next day and I think commentors need the receipt of a response in order to feel their comment was appreciated. It’s a vicious cycle in that I love comments, but lately rarely have the time to personally thank each comment. Thankfully I love writing more than comments.

4. The History Channel should spin off and do the Nazi Channel. Sure it would be offensive but more importantly to me, it would scrub off all the documentaries dedicated to bigoted killers and leave the History Channel to cover 24 hours of Wild West stuff like I want it too. Yes, I’m aware of the irony of this along with point #1 above.

5. There is no problem, family or work related, personal or financial, that a good spanking can’t help. It won’t solve the problem, but after spanking someone’s ass, I feel better about it.

6. Finally, I laughed for a good half hour reading this. Greg Land is a comics artist who uses photographs as a reference. The thing is, most of his photo references appear to be from porn. He has superheroes in bizarre poses that look oddly like people are getting rammed from behind. On this website, someone took the original art and re-wrote all the word ballons. It is hilarious as well as just mind blowing that a major comic company would have such blatant pornography.

  3 Responses to “Postcards From Lazyville”

  1. Ok, is it sad just how much I enjoyed that “porn”version comic? Very funny. If he isn’t tracing, he certainly is spending a lot of time at certain sites. But damn, can he draw the female body!

    And the comments thing is mostly about new readers stopping by and not commenting, more than about you not having time to reply to comments. I’ve been fascinated by the process for over a year now and haven’t figured it out, but mostly I just ignore the reasons why and write what I want anyway.

    Hope you are having a great holiday. And I’m with you on the tv thing, ugh!

  2. Who’s writing about the teevee, huh?

    Ok, I looked at the porn comic thing and …I just don’t get it. That’s flipping weird.


  3. Hi there, just passing by to wish you all the best in the New Year. Lots of good health,wild sex and good erotic stories and see you next year! :)

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