Dec 042006

There are days when I look at the wealth of erotica around us and I realize what a great time it is to be alive. Erotic blogs, porn movies by the mega-gig and instant messaging has put us in a sea of erotica that the previous generation could only have dreamed of. I have met lovers over the internet, shared my stories with people across the world and have enjoyed artists and writers from so many backgrounds. We are in a golden age of porn, at least internet wise.

Having said that, I can’t help but feel that this is only temporary. Porn will always be an easy target for politicians and religious moralists as opposed to real problems of poverty and racism. Even though a large number of people enjoy erotica, so very few of them are willing to stand up and defend it when those in power do stupid moves. More troublesome is when companies like Google start to de-porn their links for no good public reason. It is one of those silly sex-paranoid things that makes no sense yet seems to be all too common in human history.

What worries me more than governments and large companies is the sexual dysfunction suffered by individuals. The internet is a wonderful way of connecting to people who fuck like you, but it can be a distant and impersonal connection. Sure, a sexy blog gives you hope, but so few readers will ever talk to the blog writer and really connect. Blogs are places to leave comments, not have conversations. It takes e-mail to do that and the shyness of readers, and some bloggers are legendary. The internet is good for information and knowing you are not a unique freak, but it lacks the intimacy of friendship.

In the end I think it’s that lack of intimacy that does sexual people in. A reader might have a higher sex drive than their spouse, and they think the spouse is the normal one, while they are the freak. Without someone to talk to and compare with, what’s to make the high sex drive person feel normal? Our society discourages talk of sex, and when we do talk, it’s with giggles or soap opera drama. This forces us to look at sex as unusual and abnormal. It’s no wonder that with this constant discouragement that so many people eventually give up on sex. When you live in a world that treats sex like something you shouldn’t be doing anyway, much less talk about it, it’s just easier to skip sex altogether.

Fuck that. If the world is going to conspire against you and your sex life, it’s time you started conspiring back. To do that, I suggest a terribly simple and yet very effective method to combat a world that hates you masturbating. It’s time you formed your own erotic resistance cell.

An erotic resistance cell simply consists of two or more people who know each other. They are an erotic emotional support group. Ideally they are not lovers, since lust can come and go, but instead are people who share a common sexual interest and keep each other encouraged about their interests. Think of it as a porn hobby club where you share links, books, movies or anything else that you might be interested in.

More importantly, it creates a community no matter how small it is. While the rest of the world tries to tell you that hentai is weird, that spanking is silly, or group sex is something only deviants do, your little cell is resisting their efforts by simply celebrating that things you love. It’s also a place where you can vent about your unhappiness with living in a world gone limp.

Do whatever your cell wants. Give it a cooler sounding name. Go porn shopping together. Have a weekly meeting at the bookstore. Just do it together. Talk about sex the way human beings need to talk about sex. Do it not for some great cause, but for your own sexual sanity.

  2 Responses to “Make Your Own Cell”

  1. Very creative. But what happens when your cellmate becomes your lover?

    Wow, that certainly does conjure up an image, doesn’t it? :)

  2. wordslut- I imagine the soap dropping would hit ridiculous levels :)

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