Dec 142006

Say hello to my new best friend. In case you were wondering, yes, the purple thing on the left is a vibrator. I placed it next to the mouse to show you scale.

I have always been jealous of women and their vibrators. No, not jealous that a vibrator can replace me; I’ve been jealous that women can choose from dozens of gadgets of all shapes and colors to get them off. I love gadgets and here was a whole section of toys that I didn’t play with. Since I am not a Fill-My-Ass kind of guy, most vibrators are useless to me. The other method is to place a vibrator next to my naughty bits, but placing a penis shaped object against my own penis is physically awkward. It just doesn’t fit. Most of the time, the vibrations are too intense anyway. I need a gentle hum that can arouse and not numb me.

Up until this point, I have been using the wonderful Fukuoku 9000 for my vibration needs. That still works great but man, this little gem works in a whole different bliss. The three prongs vibrate and is just the right size to surround my scrotum. It’s snug in all the right ways. My wife used it recently while giving me a blowjob and the orgasm was so awesome it made me feel like I have been doing sex the wrong way all this time.

Can you believe I found this at Walgreens? It’s simply called a Mini and was in a bin of fifty other massagers. Calling it a Mini seems trite. They should call it the Awesome Guy Sex Vibrator 2300. It’s good for sore thighs too. Allegedly.

  10 Responses to “Half Nekked Thursday Purple Love”

  1. I have seen those…..but never thought of it as a sex toy…hehe Hmmm…you might be on to something here!! lol

    HHNT :)

  2. It looks just like a friendly alien!

  3. I came across one those in BJ’s about 2 weeks ago. It looked so cute I had to try it. You’re right, they are an awesome vibe… I walked through the whole store with it on my shoulders and neck.


  4. and now I know what I must get Mr. #6 for Christmas!


  5. very cute – happy hnt

  6. I’m ordering one now!

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  7. I have the same one in pink ;) Spectacular. HHNT!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. I really appreciate them. I might even answer them after this head cold goes away.

  9. I saw that at Walgreen’s a week or two ago but never thought of a man using it on his scrotum.

    An inspired choice.

  10. I know I wrote a couple of entries about android lovers a while back, but I didn’t think they would show up in the bargain bin at Walgreens so soon!

    It looks like it should be able to talk in a deep, metallic voice: “WOULD . . YOU . . LIKE . . YOUR . . SCROTUM . . VIBRATED . . SIR?”

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