Dec 222006

Today is a day I can really get behind. Global Orgasm Day is a simple concept- if everyone had an orgasm on the same day, enough positive energy will change the world. It’s one of those ideas that if they are wrong; I wouldn’t mind testing theory a dozen more times to make sure it is wrong. You know, for Science!

Expect a story from me on Christmas day and then posting will be terribly light for the rest of the week. I have some changes planned for the blog and I will need the week to sort them out. If all goes well, I might have two blogs and they won’t be held hostage by Blogger’s twice weekly outages.

  4 Responses to “Global Orgasm Day”

  1. Holy Fuck A Moley!
    I gotta get on this right now!

  2. Happy Global O day!

  3. I can’t help thinking that on Global Orgasm Day, the more orgasms, the better!

  4. I thought i had a date for Global O day,no such luck.Now I plan to have a threesome with me myself and i.To all the fantasy lovers i ravish i love your memories. peace and bliss out !

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