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Andrea was a good friend. It’s why she had agreed to help Jenny shop for Christmas on Dec. 13. It’s why Andrea was eating a crappy Chinese lunch inside a mall food court instead of real Chinese food at a real restaurant. It was why Andrea had spent the last four hours helping Jenny find a Playstation 3 when every store in Atlanta had sold out of them back in October.

Andrea just had to decide how good a friend she really was.

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“I swear to God, Andrea, if I don’t get the boys this Playstation, I will be the worse stepmother ever,” Jenny said. “You watch, their bitch of a mother will have one. Or she would say that if she still had their father to leech off, she would have found it for them.”

“Yes, I’m sure she would use the term ‘leech’ to her kids,” Andrea said.

Jenny glared and drank the sugar water that passed for sweet tea in a food court. “Worse, she’ll just frown at me, like I had failed her kids worse than she did when she slept around on their dad. I hate that frown. I would do anything to wipe that smug frown off her face and replace it with shock and maybe some actual respect.”

“Well, there is a way,” Andrea said.

Jenny put her tea down. “I know you got one somehow, and I won’t let you give me yours. Thanks, though.”

That made Andrea laugh. “I earned my Playstation 3. I’m just letting you know there is a way for you to earn one, too.”

She sighed. “I’m not supposed to tell anyone this, but then, I don’t think Maria was supposed to tell me about it either.”

“Maria has one, too?” Jenny asked. “Am I the only bad mom this Christmas?”

“Maybe you’re the only good one,” Andrea said. “Anyway, it works like this. There is a pawn shop on Peachtree. It’s a dingy little place no bigger than a shack. It doesn’t even have a name, just a pawn-shop light. Inside, there is a guy, and if you ask if he has a Playstation 3, he’ll give you one.”

Jenny smirked. “Give you one, huh? Why don’t I believe that?”

Andrea squirmed in her seat. “He does. All he asks is that you pay for it with a favor.”

Jenny dropped her egg roll. “Oh my god. He makes you give him a blow job? Please tell me you didn’t fuck a guy for a Playstation 3!”

“No, I didn’t fuck him,” Andrea said. She didn’t mention that the thought had crossed her mind. He had been taller than she’d expected. Younger, too. There was something about him that made her thighs want to open. It was like finding out that rogues and half-breed princes from romance novels really do exist — and that they thought you were cute.

“No, he just asks to spank you,” Andrea said.

Jenny just looked at her. Her best friend was staring at her like she was some sort of deviant freak. It unsettled Andrea, but at the same time it felt good to finally tell someone what had happened last Tuesday.

“Spank you? Like with a belt? Over his knee, like a little girl?” Jenny asked. She was actually blushing.

“No,” Andrea said. It was her turn to blush. “No, I bent over his counter. I unzipped my pants, and I pulled them down to my knees. He didn’t use a belt. He used a large wooden paddle.”

Jenny shook her head. “You’re lying. You’re just making this up.”

“Remember when I came over to your house to help with cookies?” Andrea said. “On Wednesday?”


“Remember how I kept walking around, and you kept offering me a chair?” Andrea said. “Remember how I kept saying stuff like how my knees were sore and I liked standing?”

“Oh, my God!” Jenny said. “You did get spanked! Does Neil know?”

“No,” Andrea said. But she allowed herself a smile. Her husband would know when he unwrapped his private present and found a paddle.

“And it was just a spanking?” Jenny asked.

“Yes,” Andrea said. She could see the gears turning in Jenny’s head.

“No sex? No touching?”

“Just a spanking,” Andrea said. She hoped that only she could hear the disappointment in her voice.

“Well, tell me what happened. Every bit.”

Andrea laughed and reached for her tea. “It’s not something I feel right talking about.”

“Bullshit,” Jenny said. “You told me about the place; you have to tell me everything. I need to be prepared.”

“So you’re going?”

Jenny blushed. “I haven’t decided yet.”

Andrea hesitated. Her secret was out, but details, that was going to be hard. She didn’t want her friend to think she was a freak. On the other hand, it felt so good to talk about it .

“I pulled down my pants and bared my ass,” she said.

“Panties on or off?” Jenny asked.

“I … didn’t have any on,” she said. “I just had my ass out.”

“OK, go on,” Jenny encouraged.

“Well, I was bent over the counter, my ass facing the door. He walked around me and locked the door. When he came back, he was carrying this long wooden paddle. He let me look at it before he used it.”

Jenny leaned in. “What did it look like?”

“It was made of black wood. It was solid. The middle looked worn. It looked like he had used it a lot.”

Andrea didn’t mention that the paddle reminded her of a cock: hard, rigid and just yearning to be in her. She would never mention that to anyone for as long as she lived.

“So after I had seen it, he placed one hand on my back. He pressed down and pinned me to the counter. It was gentle but pretty firm. I think he didn’t want me to move.”

She paused as a family walked by with trays of pseudo-Italian food. Andrea and Jenny looked at each other guiltily as the harried mother wrangled her three kids to a table. There was something decadent about talking about such things with families around.

“What did it feel like when he actually paddled you?” Jenny asked.

Andrea thought about it. “Like a price. He hit me slowly and almost softly at first. It was almost soothing. At first, I was shocked but after a while, it became a rhythm. Then it picked up. He struck my ass faster. He hit a lot harder. The paddle moved around, and he was hitting my ass from all angles. The sides, the bottom curve of my butt and even a few swats on my thighs. He worked my butt over, and he kept going and going. My ass was on fire, and he just kept going.”

“When did he stop?” Jenny asked.

“He just did, no reason at all, he just stopped.” Andrea kept a straight face as she lied through her teeth. She didn’t mention how she started to cry. She didn’t mention the tears that flowed down her cheeks. She couldn’t bring herself to say how she’d expected the spanking to stop when she started crying, but instead it got faster. Her tears meant nothing. He spanked her till he was done and only then did he stop.

It would take three dominant lovers before Andrea understood why that made her so wet.

“He just stopped,” she said.

“Then what happened?” Jenny said, her voice a little husky.

“He, uhhh, made me a receipt,” Andrea said.

Jenny laughed. “A receipt? But you said it was free!”

Andrea nodded. “He took a picture of my ass. He took two of them. One for me to keep and one for him. He took out this big ledger, it was shaped like a photo album, and he put my picture in. He said if I had any problems with it, just return the Playstation and the picture.”

Jenny leaned closer. “How many photos did her have?”

“Hundreds,” Andrea said.

A child screamed, which in a mall during Christmas shopping was a lot like the sound of a glass being dropped in a box of other glasses. All across the mall, other kids screamed as they competed for attention. Jenny and Andrea said nothing as the food court was washed in echoing screams of childhood desire.

“All right,” Jenny said. “Write down where that place was.”

“Really?” Andrea said. She was amazed by how relieved she was. She realized she wanted Jenny to experience it, too. Maybe just so she could have someone to talk to about it.

“Yes, really,” Jenny said. “I swear, kids have no idea what their parents do for them for Christmas.”

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  1. lol that last line was priceless

  2. I love this story.

    Perfect, just perfect.

    You rock.

  3. red velvet- Thanks :) I couldn’t figure out where to end it and that line popped up in my head during a re-read.

    AAG- Thank you. I am fond of this one too.

  4. So…think this guy can get me a nintendo ds…pearl pink?


  5. Madame X- He’ll also gift wrap it.

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