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There were many reasons people thought Sally was insane. Her coworkers at the museum thought she was insane because she didn’t use any of her vacation days until the first heavy snowfall of the winter. Her secret admirer thought she was crazy because she never dated, especially since she was hitting 40.

The guys at the hardware store thought she was insane because she had bought so may chainsaws over the years. What really disturbed them, though, was that Sally would only smile when they asked why she needed them. The construction company she’d hired to build her garage thought she was crazy because she wanted it to open into the backyard, not the driveway.

Sally’s neighbors thought she was insane because she had a 10-foot high privacy fence around her yard, when they knew for a fact that she let her grass grow or die with no help from her. “She doesn’t even sunbathe, not even with clothes on!” the neighbor’s son complained.

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The fact that Sally’s neighbors could hear chainsaws being used in the middle of the night didn’t help her reputation. If she had owned a cat, she might have been labeled a witch, because people were desperate to explain her eccentricity. If she had brought anyone home — women, men, animals —people would have just thought she was kinky.

Sally’s mother also thought Sally was insane. In fact, she had had her daughter committed to an institution at the age of 18. If people had known Sally’s real secret, her mother wouldn’t have felt guilty every Thanksgiving when her daughter snubbed her again.

It was the morning after the first heavy snowfall, and Sally was up three hours early. She was too excited to sleep, and experience had taught her that she wouldn’t be able to sleep much more anyway. She prepared a cup of hot chocolate to clear her head and to warm her for today’s big event. She took out the special clothes that she had set aside for this day and gave them a minute inspection. When she was satisfied with her clothes, she gave the same inspection to her body. It was a typical morning for a woman who would be renewing her marriage vows today.

Sally’s body met her demanding standards, just barely. She couldn’t help the wrinkles that were beginning to appear around her eyes, but her high cheekbones and bright blue eyes distracted a viewer significantly enough for Sally’s tastes. Her blond hair was styled very short, because she found long hair on her wedding days was more of a nuisance than it was a beauty enhancer. Her stomach was tight thanks to a vigorous self-imposed workout. She was especially proud of her legs; they rippled with muscles whenever she moved. Her legs required exercise to maintain their form, while her arms and back were naturally fit from the long nights with her chainsaws.

When Sally was satisfied, her racing heart slowed. She donned sweatpants, two pairs of socks, a fuzzy red sweater, gloves and her warmest jacket. Her wedding veil was a red hood, pulled tightly around her face. She had worn the same outfit for nearly 20 years, replacing individual pieces as they became worn. A secret fear made her keep this outfit. Like a child trying to repeat a magical event that he did not understand, Sally wore the same clothes just in case they were some inexplicable part of the ceremony.

Why take chances on your wedding day?

Sally’s garage opened into the backyard for a reason — it’s much easier to wheel a 100-pound block of ice outside when you don’t have to go through a door. Considering that she spent all year carving, forming and repairing this block of ice, the last thing she needed was a difficult path for her final creation. Only in the garage could she have privacy and constant cold air to work on her ice. A self-taught ice sculptor, Sally developed her craft during the long summers and lonely nights.

The sculpture she’d carved from block was another masterpiece; the kind of perfection that can be built only by one lover for another. Standing six feet tall, it was a defined outline of a man’s shape. Its widespread legs were strong, so it straddled the ground like a frozen Colossus. The arms were held to the side, every cleft and bulge painstakingly carved and detailed. Hands that could never curl into fists were formed by careful sculpting with a chisel; fingernails had even been added. Shoulders, as proud and powerful as a knight’s, were the most recent improvements, flawless from the fresh water Sally had added the previous night. A phallus hung between its legs, an undeniable statement on the gender of the sculpture.

The head was the only part that was featureless. There were no eyes, no nose and no attempt at a mouth. It was simply round on a defined neck. Sally lacked the courage to do the face. Maybe one day, when she was absolutely sure she could do it perfectly, Sally would do the face, but not this winter.

Once the ice sculpture was outside, the true work began. In the darkness of the dawn and in the privacy of her fortified yard, Sally made use of her talents. The winter’s first snow was her medium now. Nimble fingers wrapped in leather gloves picked the best snow, forming and packing it with care. Only the snow she deemed pure and worthy was stuck to her ice sculpture. Using skills she had possessed since she was a child, she dressed her sculpture in snow. The snow she layered on obliterated her fine details, but she knew that true craftsmanship would always show through in the end.

Clothed in snow, Sally’s sculpture was ready for the final additions. From the bedroom, she dragged a treasured chest. The chest was much larger and heavier than it needed to be, but Sally would have felt unfaithful had she used anything less. The double locks and secret catch took her a moment to open, as she used them only once a year. In time, though, the nervous Sally was able to open the chest, and she retrieved the singular treasures inside.

A worn button went where her sculpture’s nose should have been. Two small pieces of coal, worn down over the years, became the eyes. A corncob pipe marked the mouth. A scarf that had been patched several times was wrapped around its neck. A handful of water that had once been last year’s snow was poured over the sculpture’s body.

Finally came the old hat that Sally and her friends had found so many years ago. The hat that Billy had tried to destroy when Sally wouldn’t go out with him. The hat that Karen had begged Sally to give her. There must have been some magic in that old top hat they’d found, because when Sally placed it on the sculpture’s head, her lover always returned.

Ice cracked, and the breeze carried the sharpness of ozone. Shifting, surging and boiling, the snow sought to meld into the ice underneath. The button disappeared, and the shape of a nose made of ice took its place. The twin pieces of coal grew larger and warmer as pupils formed. The corncob pipe moved in the mouth of one who was stretching a jaw long unused. The arms reached out and stretched, taking full measure of the power that had been given them.

The magic took only a minute, but Sally was already crying. Some part of her, the part that remembered the lies she’d had to believe in order to escape the asylum her mother had placed her in, always doubted her sanity. To see that she had been right — to see the long hours pay off in such beauty —was almost too much for the December bride.

“Why are you crying, Sally?” her lover asked in his friendly voice, which was full of love. “Didn’t I tell you I would be back again someday?”

“Yes, Frosty, and you always keep your word,” she cried as she hugged him.

His arms held her as tightly as they ever had. There was so much Sally wanted to tell him. As she basked in the love of his hug, she wanted to let him know of all the difficulties she had encountered that year, all of the funny stories that had occurred to her and all of the times when she’d wanted desperately to somehow summon him early. All of the things she’d wanted to share became less important as he held her in frozen arms that died for her every winter. Right now, she had a more selfish need that she wanted attended to.

Pulling away from the hug, Sally took her lover by the hands and brought him into the garage. She wasn’t concerned about him melting as he had years before. The solid block of ice that was his core would take hours to melt in daylight. The two lovers had learned that as long as he covered himself with fresh snow every couple of hours, Frosty could maintain his shape indefinitely. Both of them were grateful to have discovered this; it reduced the chances of Sally catching frostbite every time they renewed their vows. There was a reason she had an air mattress fully inflated on her garage floor.

Frosty’s hands pulled free her hood while she unbuttoned her coat. His hands removed her sweatshirt as she struggled to take off her boots. They laughed as Sally nearly toppled over while they removed her pants. She shivered as he kneeled to pull down her underwear, but it was definitely the good kind of shiver.

Clad only in her bra and gloves, and still standing, Sally dug her fingers into the soft snow of Frosty’s head as he kissed her thighs. She always was amazed that his lips were so cold and his breath so warm. He kissed the insides of her thighs while she stood before him. He left moisture with every touch of his lips, making a cold trail on Sally’s skin that she didn’t mind in the least.

Frosty’s hands held her hips and pulled her firmly down to the floor. Sally sat, resting on the edge of the mattress. His hand came up and held her cheek, and she rested her face in her loved one’s hand. To be touched by her lover after a year’s absence was heaven to Sally. She snuggled into his hand, reaching out and taking his other hand and placing it on her hip. The cold wasn’t shocking her as much anymore, which let her enjoy the warmth of his loving touch.

He came closer, and Sally felt the heat of his kiss on her neck. She tilted her head and reached up to pull her hair back. He immediately kissed further up her neck, nipping with his soft lips the skin she presented to him. His body was pressing against her as she sat, and she loved every touch. While he kissed her ears and shoulders, her hands moved back and forth over the slick snow that covered his body. It was already hardening to ice, and Sally knew from experience that this was due to her lover’s desire, his desire for her.

Too eager to be passive any longer, she rolled Frosty over to his back. As he laughed deeply, she straddled his lap and ran her bare legs down his sides. The wet feeling that her bare legs felt while rubbing on Frosty was minimal compared to the flood she felt between her legs. Sally wanted him so badly and in so many ways. She held herself up by grabbing his shoulders, and she twisted her legs back and forth over his hardening legs, her pelvis twisting sinfully on his lap.

Frosty reached for her bra, and Sally quickly removed it. She had never questioned his fascination with her breasts. Although he was made of snow, he had too many masculine qualities for her to doubt that he had very human interests. She cried out when his cold lips sucked her nipples. Even his hot breath couldn’t completely soothe the shock of having ice on her aroused nipples. The way his mouth sucked so strongly on her nipples turned her on so much. She felt as though he were trying to draw something of her into him, and as she straddled him and let him suck, she hoped that he gained everything he wanted.

Sally’s hips were moving lewdly by now. It was time. Reaching behind her, Sally gripped his phallus of ice. It pulsed in her hand. It was bizarre to feel ice pulse. Her legs already spread, she slid down Frosty’s legs towards the joining of their sexes. He entered her perfectly, the ice and her own arousal lubricating the way. Frosty filled her completely, and Sally moaned freely at yet another perfect fit. It paid to design your lover’s cock yourself.

Frosty’s hands shifted to her buttocks, pressing Sally harder to him. She shifted her hands to his broad chest, giving her the support she needed to thrust him inside of her. Their eyes remained locked, her blue on his black. The freezing chill of him inside her was intense, yet the cold was a small sacrifice for making love to her husband. Her sex contracted, trying to avoid the unforgiving touch of the ice, yet she also craved the friction that would cause her to warm up. Sally had learned over the years that the only thing to do was to grind and grind hard. A year of hard exercise paid off, giving her the endurance and the power to thrust over and over onto the cold hard cock of her love.

The explosion came quickly for the bride. In mid-thrust she paused, and Frosty’s hands forced her hips back down for one final impalement. Her eyes closed and her mouth hung open as the sensations of ice were replaced by a spreading warmth that radiated from her sex. She sat back slowly, her body struggling to come out of her ecstasy and back into consciousness.

When she could open her eyes again, she saw her love studying her intently.

“Sally, if it were possible, would you spend eternity with me?” her lover foolishly asked.

“Eternity and a day,” Sally answered, with the silly energy of the recently sated .

“Good,” Frosty said softly, and he withdrew from her. Sally rolled happily onto the mattress, waiting to see what her lover wanted to do now. On their first day together, they usually made love in dozens of positions. When she became exhausted, they would talk about her year. Now that she had been pleased, Sally was eager to please her love in whatever way he desired. She just wasn’t expecting him to stand before her and motion for her to come to him.

Crawling over, Sally thought about the fact that she had never sucked her lover before. Frosty had always been too eager to bury himself in her sex, often stopping her from even kissing down there. Intrigued, she licked his cock, still kneeling before him. She was surprised to hear him moan and even more surprised when his hands went to her head and pulled her closer to his cock. That was OK with Sally. Frosty was the only man she had ever been with, and she had always been curious about this part of other people’s sex lives.

His cock was still hot from their earlier lovemaking when Sally placed it in her mouth. As large as it was, she could only get so much into her mouth, but the part she could get was causing Frosty to shiver now. She was relieved to be doing it right, and it encouraged her to move her mouth more quickly. The icy nature of his cock helped. It was easy to run her lips along a naturally lubricated cock. Experimenting, Sally tried running his cock through her lips sideways, like a flute. She tried getting as much of him as she could straight into her mouth. She even tried holding his cock with her fist and flicking her tongue over its tip. What she discovered was that any permutation was enough to cause her lover to clench her hair and groan.

In time, Sally simply placed her lips around the width of her lover’s cock and licked him. She felt his phallus throb rapidly as his groans reached deeper and deeper tones. Not for the first time, she wondered where the semen came from, as Frosty never had anything that looked like testicles. His semen splashed into her mouth. This was the first time she’d ever tasted it, and it tasted just like cold water without even a bit of ice. Her head froze when he erupted, but her hand came up and stroked his hard phallus. Sally masturbated Frosty’s semen into her mouth, swallowing his offering as he gave it to her.

Both now satisfied, and Sally experiencing an unfamiliar soreness to her jaw, the happy couple decided to retire their lovemaking for now. Sally made herself some hot chocolate while Frosty opened the first of the cold beers that she’d bought for the winter. They stayed in the garage, and Sally told her love about her job, her mother and, of course, how lonely it had been this year.

Then, as she did every year, she asked Frosty what it was like where he came from. Once again, her lover surprised her by breaking tradition. This time, he answered her.

“Oh, it’s a beautiful white land, Sally.” he answered. “Jack Frost has his castle there, and all across the land, not a single snowflake falls without his knowledge. Frost fairies play constantly, while Ice dwarves build larger and larger icebergs to float on the Great Sea. At night, you can hear the Snow Beast roar as it searches for its mate, while the polar birds fly across the night sky, multicolored streaks following behind them.”

“It sounds beautiful,” Sally said. Then She shrieked as her mug burned her hand with a sudden heat. The cup dropped, and she jumped at the sound of the porcelain cracking.

“What the hell?’ she asked, more embarrassed than hurt. “It got too hot to handle, like I was touching a burner.”

Frosty rose and hugged her. For once, she didn’t shiver, not even a little. He didn’t feel cold at all.

“We’ll never have to renew our vows again,” Frosty said into her ear. She knew then how he’d done it, and she knew why he had never let her taste his seed before. Sally hugged him more tightly as happiness caused her to cry for the second time that day.

Sally’s employers had always known she was eccentric about the winter, so they didn’t become concerned when she didn’t return to work on time. But when her vacation had been over for a week, they contacted her mother, who contacted the police. The neighbors were no help at all, although they did wonder why the chainsaws had been quiet for nearly a month. They couldn’t even explain why a grown woman would have made two figures out of snow in her backyard.

The police were the only witnesses when an especially strong wind blew the hat off the snowman and the red hood from the snowwoman. The wind carried the hats into the sky, and the police watched them as they were swallowed up by the swirling flakes.

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