Dec 192006

Twas the umm, week sorta before Christmas and being a Buddhist kind of guy, I don’t really do much for christmas except eat Chinese food at empty restaurants. One tradition I do have is sometime around this time of year I read Terry Pratchett’s awesome Hogfather. That would be today.

I highly recommend you read this book. Funny, serious and heart warming, it’s everything the holiday should be. It is what opened my eyes to the understanding that a Winter holiday is less about babies in mangers and more about the fact that primitive man had to go through hell every winter. He had just stocked up on food that had to last him the entire winter. He had new children from all the fucking he did in the Spring. Wolves were scratching at his door and the sun seemed like a distant memory. It was December and man what a bleak time that must have been. So primitive man did what he always does in times of great stress; he had a giant distraction. He threw a party. He picked the darkest bleakest day of the year and said to his frightened kids “Hey, ignore the fact that we haven’t seen green grass in months and that the trees look like barren skeletons. Here’s a shiny present! And inside is a toy wagon! Yay!”

Christmas, it’s about making a place of happiness in the middle of death dealing winter. Picture that on a Hallmark card.

  3 Responses to “Day Off”

  1. I’ve always thought of it as celebrating the fact that the darkest bleakest time of the year is coming to an end.

    Light returning to banish darkness even if it’s only for a brief moment before the dark returns.

    We can’t have one with out the other.

  2. Death and Christmas go together like Scrooge and Tiny Time.

  3. That was a wonderful entry and your sentiments should be on a holiday card.

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