Nov 102006

Tell me you want it. Tell me you want my cock. Tell me you want my hands to grope, pinch and squeeze till tears come to your eyes. Tell me you want to be tied up, naked on my bed and in positions unflattering but exposed. Tell me how you want me to dress you, train you and strip you. Tell me you want my slaps as much as my kisses. Tell me that you want my paddle as much as you want my cock. Tell me you want the pain as much as you want the caress.

Tell me you’re a dirty slut. Tell me your secret darkest desires, the ones that will shock your friends, your family and your lovers. Tell me what you masturbate to when you pinch your nipples. Tell me the names you want to be called. Tell me what makes you ache, squirm and shudder. Tell me what makes you cum.

Tell me your submission. Tell me your confessions. Tell me your penance. Tell me your greatest desire even if it is your worse fear. Tell me your soul.

Tell me. Because when I reach for the paddle, when the nasty word is on my lips, when my cock is about to enter you, I might not go through with it unless I know that the primal, greedy, nasty, lusty desires inside me are reflected in you. My passions drive me and they scare me too but if I know that what is inside me is reaching out to what lurks within you, then I can let go. I can be the man you adore, fear and crave. I can be myself, just as you can finally be yourself.

Write it, sing it, mail it, dance it, whisper it.

Just tell me.

  12 Responses to “Tell Me”

  1. wordslut- lol, That’s a good start.

  2. This slut needs more practice.

  3. Yes, Shon, I am a dirty, dirty little slut, I need it, need your cock, your hands, your kiss, your caress, the pinch between my wide spread thighs that makes me gasp and writhe and whimper. Yes, make me that whore, that bitch, that we both know I am at heart.

    And then,


    bend over cause I bought a strap on.

    Just teasing, Shon, this was good and hot and yes, we all know I am a slut.


  4. wordslut- Practice, practice, practice

    Tess- lol You finally broke down and got the strap-on. Sigh. Now what can I get you for christmas?

  5. I’ll tell ya, I’m a little afraid to comment on this one.

  6. see? such a post makes me ponder the wisdom of being a demure, polite little slut. *prim look*

  7. Shon, right now what I want is to see you and Tess!

  8. Art- give voice to your other side Art. Okay that felt really weird telling that to a blogger.

    mangledtulip- Demure and polite works for some doms. I just lack the mind reading dom gene :)

    Cherrie- Damn, I’d like to see that.

  9. Hey Shon, if I have a side that hasn’t spoken up yet, then I don’t know about it. Must be a very quiet side.

  10. Oh, wow.

    Every submissive, slutty fiber in my body is at attention!

  11. and that is the difference between bdsm and abuse

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