Nov 292006

There is a cashier at my grocery store. Every time I get in line, she starts to glow. She doesn’t make eye contact but she talks to me non-stop about what I bought. When I talk back, she starts to blush. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t shaved in a few days, if I am wearing my Loch Ness Monster Adventure Club t-shirt or if my fucking WIFE is there, this cashier always acts the same when I am there. And when I leave, even my wife sees how much she deflates.

I don’t know why she has a crush on me. She seems awfully young and she’s not unattractive. Just from experience I can guess she’s insecure, she’s living with her parents and her one boyfriend was a dickhead. Somehow she thought I could rescue her and sweep her away from grocery cashier life. Or maybe I’m over thinking it and she just wants me to take her home one night.

The thing is, she doesn’t have any idea what that would mean. I look like a geek but I’m not the sweet and romantic type. Would she be willing to strip naked in my living room? Would she be willing to eat from a bowl for dinner? Would she kneel? Would she stay over my lap as I spanked her with paddles, crops and my hand? Would she let me tie her up with rope and duct tape? Would she listen to every dirty thing I told her? Would she let her nipples be clamped? Would she choke down my cock? Would she take my cock up her ass? Would keep her hips moving no matter how much every inch of her body hurt? Would she learn to love the pain as much as the climax? Would she smile as I cum on her face?

Would she obey?

I think about this every time I see her. And some days, I’m sure that she would do all of that and more if I ask her. It wouldn’t be her thing, and it would scare the shit out of her, but she would do it. She’d give up everything and anything if I would just take her home and away from whatever makes her so insecure and unhappy.

Some days that is awfully tempting.

  7 Responses to “Take Her Home”

  1. You know, maybe she sees that spark of kink in your eyes.

    Maybe that’s why she flirts even when your wife is there.

    Maybe her boyfriend dumped her because she asked him to tie her up, clamp her nipples, and feed her his cock, and he fled in terror.

    You just never know about people.


  2. Gee … I wish I’d read this a little bit sooner. :)

  3. AAG- That is something I have considered. There is just the matter of poly-dating at your local grocery store :)

    wordslut- Ha, reading the blog isn’t mandatory for everyone yet?

  4. AlwaysArousedGirl said…

    “You know, maybe she sees that spark of kink in your eyes.”

    Some people can smell it. I hear.

  5. Or maybe she is thinking the same thing about you?! “He looks like one I could order around and make him do my biding!” You just never know about people.

  6. AAG and Art pose different hypothesi, but either could be right. Or she may just think you’re extremely handsome. Your wife is fairly open-minded, I think. There must be some pretext you can think up to get her in your house and see how she reacts to your brand of intimacy.

  7. engrailed- I bet that smells like leather.

    Art- lol, that is very true and makes for funny images.

    Cherrie- I have thought of a few pretenses but it always come down to if I freak someone out at my local grocery store, then I’ll have to put up with cans in the same bag with my eggs for the rest of my life.

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