Nov 072006

For a while I have been getting e-mails from bloggers that look a bit like spam. It is usually from someone I have never heard from, and they profess their love for my site and then ask me to link back to them. Now the part that makes me think this is automated spam is that almost all of them have the following line-

“I really like the post about ___________.”

This is the only time they mention anything about my blog and what they like about it. For some time, what would fill in the blank would be ‘cell phone slave’. Okay, it’s bad grammer but it’s the Internet. I suspected it was some sort of automated system that was searching for words on my blog but I wasn’t entirely sure. Last month though, these e-mails took a hilarious turn as it was Halloween month.

“I really like the post about dead woman.”

‘dead woman’ is apparently the best thing I have written. I have received about 7 e-mails so far praising dead woman. I like to call it Haunted House of Bondage, which you can find on the sidebar there.

Now is as good a time as any to say what fits in that apparently greatly coveted sidebar. You will get linked if one of the following applies,

A) We’re buddies.

B) You create erotic content that I like to read or look and it inspires me.

C) You don’t write erotica, but you have a sense of humor that makes me smile.

D) You have stopped posting but I am not ready to give up on you yet.

E) I check your site everyday anyway so if I am ever on someone else’s computer, I can just go to my site and use it as a temporary favorite places link.

F) You’re newish and I think you deserve a bigger audience than you are getting.

I resist the urge to just throw everything under the sun on that link list. It would make my life easier and make a lot of people happy, but when I visit other sites that have a hundred links, then I usually ignore those links. It just looks like noise to me. By keeping my list down to a dozen or so, I hope to really spotlight some people I like to read.

I also try to not update the link list except every couple of months. That gives me time to really be objective when I add/drop links. You can be the best writer I have ever read, but I’m still waiting a month to add you just in case I lose interest next week.

I also don’t understand the concept of link trading. If you like me and want to share my content with the visitors to your site, go right ahead. You don’t need my permission but at the same time, I do not feel indebted to post a link to you on my page. I’m sorry but I just don’t love you that way. As you may well know, I am currently too busy writing about ‘dead woman’ and my time is limited.

What has been your favorite link request?

  9 Responses to “Small Amusement and Linking Policy”

  1. Sounds like trackback spam to me.

    I used to get lots of stuff like “Great Post” followed by links to Ambien, Viagra and so forth.

  2. Well, I’m glad to see my name on your sidebar. I should write more. Probably as soon as the stuff with my aunt resolves. Unless the muse hits me over the head in the meantime.

  3. My ‘favorite’ link requests are the ones I get in my comment section.

    It’s just makes them sound so needy.

    If I like ya I link ya.
    End of story.

  4. Generic Joe- lol, I have yet to get a Viagra offer. Now I feel dissappointed.

    jaenelle- In blogging, there is no expiration dates :)

    Madame X- I know! I wish some people spent more time blogging and less time marketing.

  5. My rule is even simpler, if I read your blog I link it. There are alot of blogs out there, many by wonderful people, but I only have a limited amount of time to read and post my own stuff. As it is mine is due for an update, although I do try to keep it current.

    I just don’t like the terminology “like”, since I like a lot of blogs that I don’t get to read on a regular basis. Those I keep in a bookmark folder and when I have some extra time I’ll stop by and see what they’re up to.

    That’s just my system, doesn’t mean it is a good system.

  6. I sympathize with you very much.

    I’ll tell you my favorite linking story sometime, but not here.

    Pictures!!!! Where are the pictures of you and WordSlut?????

    Give me the pictures!!!!!


  7. Art- “like” is a deadly word. Hell, “like” has been giving me troubles since I was asked if I liked Lea T back in first grade. (Psss, I did.)

    AAG- Pictures are being treasured as I speak. Plus, Wordslut is traveling till late next week, so I’d rather wait till then to get a consensus on which pictures are sharable.

  8. Ooh, someone wants pictures of me! How exciting.

  9. I’m glad to see I’m still there after being gone for a while . . .

    Someday I’ll figure out how to link, then I’ll worry about having a policy!

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