Nov 202006

“May I come?”

No matter when I hear that, if I am on the phone, if I am sitting beside her, or if I am inside her, hearing those three words just brings me to life. For one glorious moment I am a God of Sex, both benevolent and cruel. That simple asking for permission makes a limp cock hard and makes a hard cock into granite.

Sometimes I say no just to hear that whimper of loss. The act of denying the orgasm just made the orgasm that much greater. It is now a mythical thing, like presents on a birthday, or like a huge tax refund, or a kiss from someone beautiful. That orgasm I just forbade them from having is now ten times better than the orgasm they could have had. Even if later, they sneak off and have the orgasm anyway, it’s a tainted orgasm. It will never be as good as the one I could have given them.

Now thank me for my cruelty with your mouth, breasts and cunt.

Sometimes I say yes just to hear the gratitude. The act of permitting the orgasm has now turned the orgasm into a blessing. It is a gift that I give to the submissive. She can surrender to her body and ride the orgasm that comes from attention, care and love. That curling of the toes? That clenching of the eyes? That arching of the back? I did that.

Now thank me for my generosity with your mouth, breasts and cunt.

  6 Responses to “Magic Words”

  1. You are wonderfully and terribly cruel.

  2. Who sneaks off and has an orgasm later?

  3. I don’t know that I could control my body, my emotions in that way, Shon.

    On the other hand, I would be flattered if I could control someone else.

  4. AAG- Thos six words are pretty magical too :)

    Wordslut- Very bad naughty girls who need to be spanked :)

    jaenelle- Welcome Back :)

    mangledtulip- :)

    Cherrie- Doesn’t matter what side of Control you’re on, as long as its the side your heart wants :)

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