Nov 092006

I call this a good start.

There are two policies when it comes to toys on the table. One idea is that you take the submissive and tell them to pick the toys they are comfortable with and we’ll put the others away. The other method is to present your toys and tell them that this is what we are playing with and if they have a problem, run now. I admit that I have done both depending on the submissive. Some days I want to play my submissive like an instrument and other days, I want to use the fuck out of them. Both count as a good day in my book.

My collection is a little light at the moment as I am stripping down to what toys I actually like to use. On my to-get list right now is some ankle restraints, some chains and a good flogger that will actually fit in my hand. Oh shit, and more Sharpies. I keep forgetting those.

  24 Responses to “Half Nekked Thursday Table”

  1. Whe this image loaded I thought you had eaten at a Japanese restaraunt! :)

  2. *whispering in fear*

    What do you use the Sharpies for?

  3. I’ll have a large helping please!

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  4. In a word? Yummy.

    In another word? YES.


  5. I’m with the artfuldodger!!!

  6. The other option is a Magician’s Force. You show the submissive the toys, and tell them to pick two or three. If the one you want to play with is in the ones they pick then they got to choose.

    If not then “those are the ones we’ll save for next time…”

  7. Gee, Shon, you didn’t mention any of this choosing stuff when I was there.

  8. I know what I used sharpies for and it’s right there on my site, LOL…

    Suze had the first helping, I want seconds please!!!

  9. I’ll take this one….and that one…oh, and let’s not forget those over there.

    (Thanks for the Sharpie reminder. Need those myself.)

  10. your collection looks perfect to me, HHNT

  11. Art- I did that Thursday :)

    AAG- I’m a writer, I use Sharpies to write. On you :)

    Suze- You can have a big old helping of Mr. Black Paddle.

    Becca- Yummy and yes, my two favorite words.

    Wenchy- lol

    Generic Joe- Hmm, that’s a good technique.

    Wordslut- it wasn’t about *you* :P

    S- Thanks.

    Spitfire- You are welcome to seconds and thirds if you like.

    Charlotte- We all need more Sharpies

    MG- Thanks :)

  12. I know a sercet I won’t tell.

  13. But…what do you write?

  14. Hmmm….interesting display there…hehe Looks kinda fun…lol
    HHNT :)

  15. Andyt13- Thanks :)

    AAG- wicked dirty naughty things. Give me something to write on adn I’ll show you :P

    Chelle- Have a nibble, maybe you’ll like something :)

    Regal- Thanks

  16. wow – that’s quite a collection! *~*happy hnt*~*

  17. i was once given such a choice. “Choose two,” said S. i carefully considered the offered toys and chose a leather hood (which i adore) and a particularly cruel flogger (which i …adore less.) S asked why i made such choices. “The flogger,” I replied, “In case you were eliminating my choices and using everything else…and the hood in case you weren’t.”

  18. It’s almost like a conductor standing before his orchestra!

    I can just visualize you playing Wordslut like a violin, plucking her strings, then teasing them, then a cold, hard slap to get the vocal chords singing!

    I’ve been gone too long, Shon. We need to stay in touch . . .

  19. Lovely table arrangement! :)

  20. Phain- Thanks, it’s funny how the collection has gotten smaller.

    mangledtulip- That is a delightful story, thanks for sharing.

    cherrie- The conductor analogy is very apt although sometimes I feel I like the instrument I am playing is myself :)

    ell-Thanks :)

  21. Very nice Shon! One thing I don’t have (and don’t see in your collection) is a gag. That’s one thing Sue has said she doens’t want to do. Perhaps I need to work on it a little more. Thanks and HHNT.

  22. hhteh- It’s funny, more so than almost any other toy, submissives feel very strongly about gags. My wife has asthma so it is not even a consideration. Other submissives I have played with either have breathing issues, or just a sheer hatred of having their mouth closed. I like gags but I hadn’t realized how much I had just given up on them.

    Duct tape makes for a good starter gag. It’s something that can be released instantly, if a bit painfully. It’s also less threatening.

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