Nov 282006

I’m tired. I worked hard last week to get work done in time for the holidays and then I spend 5 days with my wife. In that time we celebrated Thanksgiving and her birthday, as well as doing a million things that we said we would always do if we had the time.

My ass is tired.

Now it’s Tuesday and I have the house to myself. Woot! Well, except for work but even work is a quiet comfort of stability. I have a million stories in my head and two million blog posts but I just need the quiet to write them.

Sweet blessed lovely quiet. That sounds so sexy today.

  3 Responses to “Erotica Alert Level: Silent Night Black”

  1. Quiet could be sexy … especially if there is a gag involved.

  2. But it doesn’t soound like he has anyone to gag, W.S.

    Do I hear you checking Orbitz for fares to Atlanta?

  3. Could that be what you hear? ;)

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