Nov 172006

My DSL has been up and down more times than a slutty cheerleader. Since I work from home by the hour, this is literally costing me money. The frustrating/amusing part is that Bellsouth doesn’t have employees who work in this country who can handle my problems. Instead I get the nicest Indian people on the face of the planet who very kindly do their best, but their best is reading from a FAQ.

Side note- When I say they are nice, you have no idea. The first guy thanked me profusely for being a great customer and the second support person told me that it made her day to work with me. I swear I feel like if I call in again, someone will offer me their oldest daughter.

So anyway, I haven’t been able to get much writing done and in the time it took to WRITE THIS POST, my DSL went out and came back. So wish me luck that come Monday things are back to normal and I can give you some more porn.

  2 Responses to “Erotic Alert Level: Cold Shower Blue”

  1. Thank you for reading this comment. It’s been a pleasure to comment for you here today, and I hope that soon, I’ll be able to comment again for you, as it is my purpose in life to brighten your each and every day with pithy comments.

    **sorry, couldn’t help myself**

    Hope Monday is better, Shon.

  2. How about thinking of it as dildo blue? ;)

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