Nov 052006

Wordslut was in town on business this week. It was the first time we had gotten to meet since she started editing my stories and I wanted to spank her a few times for some of the missed deadlines.

I kid. I just wanted to spank her.

This is the first blogger that I have met and it was an interesting experience. First, of all, she looks way cooler in person than the bare glimpses you get in her cell phone HNT’s. It was actually disorienting to look at her. There is over a foot in height difference between us so we spent a lot of our first hour commenting how short/tall the other was. I highly recommend that you set aside an hour for this conversation when you meet your Internet friends. It’ll take that long.

So what do sex bloggers do when they meet? Collaborate of course. I have a love for photography but realized long ago that I could only really focus on one creative hobby and be good at it. I chose writing because out of all my submissives, none of them ever would consent to erotic photography and photography does take two to tango. I mentioned to Wordslut that her crappy phone camera didn’t do her justice and she said that she needed to be taken pictures with a real camera.

Cue the porn music. I broke out my camera and we started clicking away. It was so damn exhilarating. I am creative every day with my blog and my writing, but it was just a blast to work in a visual medium. I had her sit at my desk and work on her laptop while I slowly undressed her and took pictures. I created a short visual story of a horny blogger. It was far too fun. I think I am terribly spoiled.

The best part was when Wordslut started blogging. Holy shit, that was fucking hot. Sex blogging while dirty pictures are being taken. I have picked up a new perversion.

We did get to the spanking. I feel that spanking is a gift. It’s something I practice and I try to get really good at, so when I meet someone who likes spankings, I want to give them one. Kind of like how your aunt Beth makes really good fudge so she gives it to everyone at Christmas. Really, it’s all about how nice and generous I am.

Plus Wordslut has a wonderful ass. Oh my Goddess. Her buttock is small enough to fit in my hand.

I bent her over my table and pulled her skirt up to her ass. I pulled her panties down to just under the curve of her ass. One hand gripped her hair and kept her head back while I spanked her with the other hand. I used my hand for awhile, and then I used the pizza shovel.

At one point I picked her up and put her over my shoulder while I spanked her. I’m sure it was bad for my back but damn, that was cool. I wish I could have taken a photo of that.

My favorite moment though is the picture above. Wordslut saw these cool pirate theme stockings and bought them just for her Atlanta trip. The gift of Pirate Lingerie is a true gift indeed.

  10 Responses to “Blogger Team-Up”

  1. You are very talented and very lucky Shon. The wordslut photo is hot, but I bet you have way better ones kept for yourself. I have some experience with the pizza shovel myself, and it is very good.

  2. Thanks hhtheh. I do have quite a few photos for myself but isn’t it odd that the most public-able is also one of the best? funny how that works.

  3. We started clicking away.

    We definitely clicked! :D

  4. mmmmmm delicious sounding spanking.

    i am jealous.

  5. awesome, it would be so cool to be able to meet some bloggers in RL… although if we ever do, I’m not sure the spanking thing will work out. :)

  6. wordslut- lol, give us time, we’ll figure out worse puns.

    gracie- Don’t be jealous, get even, err, I mean spanking.

    Art- That’s why I just grab the back of their head and ask. It’s the polite thing to do :)

    sir dirty joke- Thanks :)

  7. Always best to be polite, although we are “bum chums” now. :)

  8. I’m so jealous of WordSlut! : )

    Hey, can I be your bumchum too? Is that possible? **puzzled**


    I’ve met other bloggers, sex bloggers too but we just talked.

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