Oct 072006

I’m something of a political junkie. After 9/11, I devoured any news source that would tell me some damn facts rather than what the current spin was. As I learned more about politics, my life long love of history kicked in and I started to see patterns and rhythms in the way the world seemed to work.

One of those rhythms was the idea that Janet Jackson’s tit could inspire the religious right to brand anyone who does erotica to be a terrorist of morality. Luckily, that didn’t happen.

Or maybe it has. Mark Foley, Republican scumbag, has been caught being a sexual predator of Congressional Pages. These 16 year old kids go to Congress to learn about our government and see first hand how to get screwed by those in power. It appears that the House leadership has been covering this up for either 2 years, or maybe as much as 13. We don’t know yet but hey, since it’s about sex, our news media might actually investigate this one.

As an erotica writer this scandal and the media’s coverage fascinates me. I have had near nervous breakdowns over such little things like FEMA’s response to Katrina, the military disaster that is Iraq, the rampant cronyism of major government positions and just last week I had to stop watching the news as Congress decided that it was okay for the President to define what exactly torture is so we don’t have to outsource it anymore. Yet all of these national disasters of morality and decency get maybe a week of coverage and often times a gloss over from the press. President Bush waterboarding people is proof that he’s a tough cowboy. Katrina destroying New Orleans is what happens when black people live on the coast. Invading a country like Iraq is hard work, which is why we shouldn’t give our troops body armor. For the last five years I have waited for something to soak through the Pepsi/Coke mentality of the press and voters to get them actually enraged over how their government is being run.

Now we have something that pisses off everyone and of course its sex. Even worse, it’s sex with children which if Janet Jackson taught us anything, corrupting the darling minds of our youth with sex is the worse crime possible. We’re back to the witch hunt phase of sex in our national discussion again.

Watching the right wing spin this has been an uncomfortable reminder of how these zealots view sex. Drudge put forth the idea that hey, sixteen year old males are little beasts anyway, stalking the halls looking for fresh 52 year old meat with their irresistible yummy youth. Tony Perkins put forth the idea that this is why we shouldn’t have gay congressman because gay people are almost always pedophiles. Focus on the Family cuts through the bullshit and finds the real culprit of underage sexual molestation, the Internet.

My own personal favorite moment of this whole scandal was when Tom Reynolds, head of the NRCC and frequent recipient of many contributions from the Republican pedophile, decided to hold a press conference about his involvement with the abuse of children. He decides to hold it at what appears to be a daycare center. Surrounded by a pack of small children, he refused to send the kids off so the press could ask you know, adult questions. It was a brilliant moment where you see a man literally hiding behind children. Cowardice, exploitation and hypocrisy in one Republican moment.

Polls are showing that voters are fed up and disgusted. That’s cool. If this is what it takes to get those criminals out of congress and maybe put some oversight into the checks and balances, that’s great. It just disturbs me that it took the big bogeyman of Sex to do it. It reminds me that the ultimate fear is still fornication, and the less white vanilla the sex, the scarier it is. Pedophilia is an awful terrible thing, but I can’t help but wonder if it’s the gay aspect that is driving this. I worry that if this sex scandal does destroy a political party’s grip, if that will just open the door for more sex-bashing as each side rushes to prove they are more moral than thou.

On the other hand, it is October and it is Halloween Month here on my blog. I wanted to tell stories that fascinate, excite and maybe haunt my readers. I should have remembered that if I really wanted to scare people, I just needed to write about sex.

  3 Responses to “Scary Sex Scandals”

  1. No denying the wrong of what has happened, but there are plenty of examples of both sides engaging in similar wrong doings, which has always made me wonder about the entire ball of wax. we should be careful of what we ask for, since neither side seems to have an answer that will actually work, and spends most of their time bashing the other side and seeking re-election. that’s the libertarian in me talking again. the jeffersonian in me wants a revolution in the worst way however. what was it that patrick henry said?

  2. I htink Patrick Henry said, “Fucking Sam Adams! I had the beer idea first!”

    Make ’em go away!!


  3. I hate politicians. I hate conservatives. I hate brussel sprouts too.


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