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‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is about a creative genuis who has writer’s block. He is unexcited about the things he creates and is depressed. His imagination is reignited though by taking on new subject although his usual audience is quite appaled by his new creative direction. One person understands why he needs to do it although she knows it will spell disaster for him. Sadly, she’s in a submissive relationship and can’t break free of her dominant to warn the creative genuis.

Yeah, I know that’s not what it says on the back of the DVD but trust me, that is the movie I saw. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is an amazing musical about being creative. It’s about applying your own experiences to a new subject and making something totally your own. It’s also about a love and how creative types get a bit too caught up in their passion to notice someone is passionate about them.

When I first saw this movie, I hadn’t written since high school. I was running role-playing games for my friends and feeling very unsatisfied. Not to be arrogant, but I knew my games struggled to be more than just a rehash of fight scenes and I had reached the point where I knew I could do more. Watching this movie, I felt a kinship with Jack Skellington not because I thought of myself as brilliant as him, but as unhappy with the medium for which we were currently working in.

A few years later I started writing porn and lived happily ever after.

Not really. See, I started writing erotic comedy, doing satires of the kinds of stories I was writing. Then I moved over to vanilla romances, and then I took a side step into fantasy and science fiction and then wrote BDSM. I drove my readers nuts. I would pick up readers of one genre and then they would scratch their heads when my next story would be about sexy spies. Heck, that happened during Pirate Week when readers wrote me asking me to do Cell Phone Slave II instead.

Every time it happens, it reminds me of Jack and how he just needed to do something new. Creativity can’t be bribed or begged, it follows it’s own path. Sometimes that path convinces you to try to do something like only you can do it.

Enough of that. If you have never seen the movie, or even if you have, let’s take a moment to listen to a definition of Halloween.

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  1. Our favorite movie around here. We watch it almost every day of October.

  2. I find that my wife will for no reason start humming Sally’s love song. She does this year round, so it’ll be July and my wife will hum something that makes me think of October.

  3. All I can say is amen brother! I could have easily written this myself. Of course I didn’t… and that would be stealing, or even yet, what am I doing in your house!?!

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