Oct 122006

I swear, sometimes when I write, it feels like I am taking dictation for some lusty demon that’s lurked inside humanity for ages.

  9 Responses to “Half Nekked Thursday Voices”

  1. Shon, I hear it now…

    …take off your clothes… lol

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  2. I hear it too!
    It says we should ALL take off our clothes!

  3. LOL, yes, I can hear it softly whispering… such a naughty little demon wanting to remove our clothes… LOL!


  4. Naughty little old one… I’m at work in a call center!

  5. Cthlhu whispers in your ear?

    Be very very afraid!

  6. Suze- I think I hear that too.

    Madame X- We must obey!

    lily- He’s naughty but terribly un-nice.

    jaenelle- does a call center hear the call of cthulhu?

    AAG-He whispers and sometimes slithers. Hes a wet whsiperer.

  7. Now I understand so much more about you …

    Love the beard!

  8. Mine demons name is Freddie and he is very nice to me. :)

  9. You have a… Cthulu beanie baby? Why am I so very much not surprised?

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