Oct 132006

I write porn. I sit around thinking of plots, situations and characters that I think are unique or special enough to warrant your time reading it. I see my hobby as an escape hatch where I take stressed our people and give them a horny getaway from their crappy day.

So it sometimes comes as a rude surprise to my lovers when every sexual encounter we have does not live up to the same level of creative spark. Oh sometimes I have it. Sometimes I want to see what would happen if I did this, or forced someone to do that, and on those days I satisfy their expectations about fucking an amateur erotica writer. Some days I blow my lovers’ minds and I am very proud of that.

Yes, I am bragging. It’s for a reason.

Because sometimes there are days like today. Days where I have had a long week and I want to shut down. It’s a day where I need to recharge and not use my brain for a good long time. It’s a day where quite frankly, I want a slut to follow the training I’ve drilled into her head. I want to go on auto pilot and let my slut do what she does.

I want a slut who knows my mood and knows that now is not the time to be a talkative charming gal. Now is the time to unzip my pants and take my cock into her mouth. Now is the time to drain away all my stress and worries with a good old fashion blowjob. Or maybe she should mount my cock and place my hands on her tits while she rides me. Or maybe she should just lay my cock on her tits and jerk me off till I coat her with my seed.

No instructions on my part. No new torments. Nothing for me to do except relax and reap the benefits of a well trained slut.

I was telling a submissive friend of mine about this and she said, “That’s called a slave” with scorn dripping from her lips. The thought of a submissive woman doing something just for the selfish desires of the dominant struck her as demeaning. To her sex is a struggle, a battle of domination and control climaxing with the submissive once again surrendering to the machismo of the dominant. A woman who just gives in is missing out on all the joy of being dominated. It’s a seduction, a dance and a romance.


But today this is what I want: A mouth, cunt, ass and pair of tits that sucks, fucks or humps on demand. I need a slut who’s body is a sheath for my cock. Not all the time of course but when I have that need, I want to be able to snap my fingers and my sub become that kind of slut.

That’s the kind of slut I need to train.

  4 Responses to “Fuck Like I Want, Not How I Write”

  1. I like that, and if you are (at times) willing to service her body in the same way, it doesn’t strike me as demeaning in the least.

  2. There is definitely something to be said for not having to be subdued and do something new and record-breaking every time …

  3. Well said! Turning a submissive canvas into a work of art is the Dominant’s continual challenge, imho, and one that requires a tremendous creative and physical effort. So your wish to be a passive party to pleasure seems completely reasonable to me.

    Furthermore, because my Top said so.

  4. Granted, I’m a switch, so that puts its own spin onto it.

    In submissive mode-
    Sometimes, I want the challenge of battle and being subduded. Sometimes, I want to be the canvas for hands, knives, paddles, floggers, whips (or whatever we’ve agreed to).
    Sometimes, I want to be the dirty slut/slave that gets on her knees and does all the work to bring about pleasure.

    But that’s me. Other people work in different ways. The trick is to find the people/person who fits your needs and you fit theirs in the meantime.

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