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Virginia wiggled her wrists incessantly. The handcuffs were wide enough to let her think she could slip through them. It was just an illusion. The metal bands wouldn’t let her go until someone unlocked them. The lawyer knew that, but she kept trying. It wasn’t like she had anything else to do while she waited inside this cage. Her legs were already exhausted from trying to kick the cage door open.

She rolled over onto her side and bit down hard on the dildo gag in her mouth. The shifting had agitated her nipple clamps, and she gasped as the sharp teeth bit into her nipples. She had considered rolling over onto her stomach and trying to rub the clamps off on the bedding, but she knew better. The tight clamps wouldn’t let go of her tender nipples so easily.

Virginia’s thighs rubbed together uselessly. Perhaps the worst part of her imprisonment was the terrible desire she was experiencing. Her body still remembered the feel of the ivory dildo inside her, and now she felt achingly empty. She wanted to be stretched. She wanted to be filled. Most of all, she wanted to be fucked.

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Once again, she tried to somehow get her bound hands down to her sex. The young woman twisted, contorted and turned, but she just couldn’t do it. Every move caused her small breasts to jiggle, which agitated the nipple clamps until the pain reached nearly unbearable levels. She breathed hard through her nose since the dildo gag so effectively filled her mouth and throat. The collar seemed to tighten around her neck as she struggled, but she knew it was just her imagination.

Or at least she hoped so.

Virginia wasn’t sure about anything anymore. She thought about the way her client, Annette, had talked her into this odd position. Her desire increased as she thought about the masterful way the older blonde had instructed her. Her last boyfriend had been into domination, but he was nothing like Annette. The older woman had made her demands with complete confidence that Virginia would obey. She also knew that Annette wouldn’t be distracted from her commands the way a man would. The young lawyer had talked her way out of various {punishments” just by promising to suck her ex-boyfriend’s cock. She knew that such a strategy would never work with Annette. Virginia was surprised by how easy it was to submit to the older woman’s demands, and there was no denying how much she hoped Annette would come back soon.

There was still the question of the strange moments right before Annette had disappeared. What had happened? Virginia remembered seeing Annette age before her eyes and turn into the image of the deceased Eleanor Foxglove, but she had a hard time trusting her memory. Perhaps it was a hallucination, brought on by the strangeness of the house and the maddening need between her thighs. Virginia wanted very badly to believe that it was a delusion. She wanted some sort of an explanation that would allow her to hope that Annette would return soon to finish this game.

Virginia had a worrisome thought. What if Annette were going to get her husband, Stewart? What if they both returned to torment her? Virginia imagined the leering Stewart and how delighted he would be to find her like this. The lawyer pictured the couple pulling her from her cage and tossing her onto the floor. Stewart would gladly fill her sex with his cock, while Annette might drop down on Virginia’s face and guide her mouth between Annette’s thighs …

Virginia whimpered as her empty pussy clenched. God, she knew she had it bad if she was imagining Stewart. The bound woman fought her handcuffs again. She knew she wouldn’t regain her senses until her hands were free and she could slip two wonderful fingers deep inside her.

The room was as dark as a senior partner’s heart, but Virginia could feel the dimensions of the cage with her legs. She was curious about how small it was. The cage was just long enough to lie in but not tall enough to let her sit up. The blankets and a pillow made it almost comfortable, but she couldn’t help wondering what it was like for the former occupant, Painslut, to have slept in here. She couldn’t imagine what it must have been like for the woman to sleep inside a locked cage, never knowing when or if someone was going to let her out. The bound lawyer realized that every night, Painslut proved her submission to the Foxgloves simply by going to her bed.

Virginia’s libido easily constructed an image of the helpless Painslut in her cage. She could imagine the elder Foxgloves sneaking into the bedroom of their slave in the middle of the night. Perhaps they would simply sit on top of the cage, masturbating as they watched the sleeping woman. Or maybe they would wake her up deliberately before having sex just out of her reach. Most likely, considering the sex toys that abounded in this room, the Foxgloves would pull Painslut from her cage and plunder her body for hours and hours until the slave cried for mercy …

Virginia moaned as her fantasy carried her away. She resumed her struggles to free her hands. The gloves she wore were tight against her skin, and sometimes, it felt as though the rubber would help her slip past the metal of the cuffs. It was a slim chance, but she struggled, anyway.

In the absolute darkness of the room, Virginia heard someone approaching. She distinctly heard the sounds of heels clicking on stairs as they descended. The clicking heels approached the bedroom. The bound lawyer was breathing hard as she anticipated Annette’s arrival.

The door to the bedroom opened, and the light from the hallway peeked into the room. Virginia crawled around inside the cage until she could see who — or what — was at the door. When she saw, her thighs shook with fear.

Floating at the doorway was a black corset. Virginia recognized it as the same corset that Eleanor Foxglove wore in her painting. It was also the same corset Annette had revealed when she had stripped earlier. On the ground were two very high heels, and Virginia knew they were what she had heard come down the stairs. The corset floated in mid-air, but it somehow seemed to be filled. The cups were pushed forward, and the corset tilted from side to side as it floated forward. The heels clicked as they walked towards Virginia’s cage.

A gold chain floated through the air and snaked into the cage. Virginia was frozen with fear as the chain floated towards her. It shot towards her throat, and Virginia heard it snap onto her collar. Once she was leashed, the door to her cage opened. The leash snaked down her chest until it was under the chain that held her nipple clamps. The leash then tugged her, pulling on both her collar and her already-tender nipples. The young lawyer was pulled out of the cage, hobbling along on her knees.

She stood up and looked the corset in the eye, so to speak. The end of the gold chain floated to the corset’s side and gave her a quick tug. The black corset turned around and, with the shoes, walked out of the bedroom. She noted how tightly strained the lacing of the corset was as well as how hypnotically it swayed.

The floating corset walked Virginia into the hall. In the brightly lit hall, the impossibility of the corset was harder to ignore. She had toyed with the idea that maybe this was an elaborate trick, but she discarded the idea. When they passed by the painting of Eleanor Foxglove, Virginia had no more doubts. This was no optical illusion. This was some sort of a ghost, and in Virginia’s opinion, it couldn’t be anyone but the former lady of the house, Eleanor. Virginia just hoped it wasn’t an angry spirit, and in the back of her mind, she even hoped that the ghost of Eleanor had the same libido as the living one had.

Virginia was led through the hallway by the leash. A door opened. It was the Candle Room. The lawyer stopped dead in her tracks. All of the candles were lit, and the flickering glow was ominous. She would have screamed for help were it not for the thick dildo in her mouth. She tried to pull away from the room, but the golden leash was too strong. Because the leash was also pulling her nipple chain, every resistance the young woman gave was painfully negated. She couldn’t resist being pulled into her destination.

When Virginia had entered the room earlier with Annette, it had contained only candles. Now there was rope. Coils and coils of thick rope lay on the ground, the ends floating up like the heads of snakes hypnotized by a charmer. The ends of the ropes all turned towards her, moving as a single entity. Virginia tried to scream through her gag when they all flew forward!

The floating corset moved out of the way as the ropes snaked around Virginia’s body. She felt a rope slip over her wrists, and almost instantly, the handcuffs fell from her hands. She tried to move, but the rope held her tight. Coils of rope wrapped around her ankles and tugged her forward. Although some ghostly force animated it, the rope still tied itself into knots around her body. One length of rope twined around her waist and pulled her forward like a leash. As she was tugged, the golden leash around her neck fell off her collar and landed loudly on the floor.

Virginia was pulled to the center of the room. Once she was there, the ropes that held her floated toward the hanging pulleys. The ropes ran through the pulleys with a dazzling speed. She squealed as her right leg was pulled upwards. Another coil wrapped around her thigh, guiding her rising leg so that her legs were lewdly open. She hopped around on her left leg, her thigh trembling to support her weight.

More rope snaked down over Virginia, criss-crossing over her chest. The rope interlaced with itself, forming a network of rope over her breasts and stomach. She sighed with relief as the nipple clamps unattached themselves and fell off. Her sigh turned to a cry of alarm as the blood flowed back into her tortured nipples. The reawakened nerves overwhelmed her with intense sensations, and she twisted futilely in her bonds. She didn’t even notice as lengths of rope fell over her breasts, pushing her tender nipples back into her breasts.

The ropes stopped moving. She was left standing on one leg, her arms tightly bound together behind her. The scratchy rope was tied closely over her nipples. The way her one leg was pulled open reminded her of having sex standing up, and her desire hadn’t abated despite the oddity of the situation. In fact, she could feel her juices dripping down her leg.

The black corset moved around Virginia’s body. The candles cast odd shadows on the wall but oddest of all were the shadows of the corset. She saw the outline of a tall woman with a very long ponytail cast on the wall. As the corset floated, the shadow of the woman walked. Virginia flinched when she saw the shadow reach toward her.

She felt a tug on the rope, and she was spun to the side. The bound woman had to hop with the rope to keep her balance. When the rope stopped, she was facing away from the corset. She began to shake. What was happening behind her where she couldn’t see?

A gentle heat was her answer. Virginia felt the heat of a nearby flame move up her standing leg, starting at the ankle. The bound woman knew it had to be a candle, kept far enough away to not burn her but close enough to tingle her skin with its flame. She was terrified. If the candle burned her, there was nothing she could do. Yet despite this fear, she found herself getting more aroused. The heat of the flame was like a lover’s hot breath, coaxing her skin as it moved up, up, up towards her thighs and sex.

The candle moved across to her lifted thigh. Virginia’s skin tingled as the flame swayed under her thigh. The flame came close enough to almost burn and then quickly moved away. The teasing threat made her thighs clench hard, but the rope held her tightly.

The candle moved out from beneath her legs and floated in front of Virginia. It was a blue candle, and she blushed as she realized it was just wide enough to be an adequate dildo. As she watched the flame, the ropes holding her arms tugged upwards. The gag muffled her squeal of surprise. The ropes kept pulling on her hands until she was bent forward. When the ropes stopped, she was tilting perilously close to the candle and its flame.

The flame moved between Virginia’s bound breasts. She felt the heat on her cleavage, and sweat began to flow from her body. The flame moved back and forth, heating her nipples through the rope.

The candle floated back up to her lifted thigh, then floated above it. She twisted her head to see what it was up to. Her eyes widened as she saw the candle tip until a bead of hot wax formed on the lip of the candle. She knew that the hot wax was about to drop onto her skin, but there was nothing she could do. The rope kept her pinned, and all she could do was watch.

The hot wax splattered on her thigh. She bit down on the dildo gag as the intense heat pinched her. The pain was sharp, but it subsided quickly as the wax cooled. Another drop splashed, then another, until there was a line of blue trailing down her thigh. She moaned in her bonds as the wax fell on her. It reminded her of a chain of biting kisses. As each drop cooled, she felt relief, until the next dropped with a fresh pain.

The heat from the wax was hot but not nearly as hot as the heat between Virginia’s thighs. Her sex clenched with each splatter, aching to feel something as intense as the wax. She was sweating from the heat, but she knew that the wet line going down her leg wasn’t sweat at all.

The candle moved away from her thigh and hovered out of sight. The bound lawyer wondered where the candle would drip next, but she didn’t have long to wait. A single drop splashed on her buttocks and slipped down the curve of her ass before cooling. She moaned as the melting wax simmered on her bottom.

More wax dripped, and Virginia never ceased struggling. Like tiny spanks, the wax drops bit her ass. She could feel the wax running down her buttocks, curving under her and dropping from her body. Through the blitz of sensations she was experiencing, she found herself wondering how it all looked. Was her ass covered in blue streaks? Were welts rising from the heat? Most of all, would there be any relief for the ache she felt in her sex?

An unexpected push gave her the answer she craved. The blue candle was upside down and pushing against lips of her sex. Because of the angle of her lifted thigh, the candle had no trouble slipping in. She wasn’t concerned at all about the fact that the candle was still lit. All she cared about was the wonderful feeling of the soft wax pumping her.

One, two, three times the candle stroked her pussy.

When the candle left her and floated away, Virginia nearly cried in frustration. It wasn’t enough! The gag choked her begging demands into incomprehensible moans.

Her pleas were forgotten as the ropes moved again. The one leg that held her up was pulled from the ground and into the air. For a brief second, she was in freefall before the ropes caught her. She was now suspended completely, facedown. Her legs were lifted higher than her head, and she felt the ropes holding her arms unwind and reform. The ropes spread her arms so that her back was completely exposed.

More candles floated. They spun around Virginia and danced between the ropes. Some floated under her, warming her belly and coming uncomfortably close to her chest. Her nipples were incredibly hard underneath the binding ropes, and her sex hadn’t stopped clenching since she had been lifted. She didn’t care what the candles did as long as one candle fulfilled her needs.

The wax began to fall on her back, her ass and her legs. Virginia screamed through her gag as the rain of heat sprinkled over her. It was too much. It was too intense, and it was too hot, and most of all, it was turning her on more than she thought she could stand.

She didn’t know how many candles were dripping on her, but she knew it had to be at least a dozen. From her calves to her shoulders, the hot wax fell. Some of the candles moved in lines that followed the curves of her body. Some of the candles just stayed on one place, dropping an endless stream of wax onto her skin. It was like being in the center of an orgy of tongues and teeth. The heat of the wax bit her skin, but the cooling slide of the wax soothed her.

Every rare once in awhile, a drop of wax would strike her exposed sex. The first time it happened, Virginia nearly blacked out from the direct heat. When the wax cooled on her pussy, she lost her breath to the subtle stimulation. Her sex clenched in vain, aching for the satisfying touch that eluded her.

Her arms and legs were sore from the labor of supporting her weight. Her head hung low, rising only occasionally when a hot splash of wax made her squirm. The constant splattering of wax set every nerve on fire, but the effort of twisting was wearing her out. She was so exhausted that before long she just hung limply as the wax pricked her body.

She almost didn’t notice when the gag came loose from around her head. The long black dildo slipped out of her mouth, and she worked her sore jaw muscles. She watched the dildo float in front of her and harbored a secret wish that it would not fall to the ground forgotten. Virginia knew exactly what she wished the dildo would do. The bound woman didn’t even consider yelling for help or rescue. Although the wax hurt, she wasn’t about to let this end before it achieved its orgasmic conclusion.

The heels clicked around in front of Virginia, the corset floating with the shoes. She felt as though the corset were examining her. The dildo kept floating, and the bound woman couldn’t keep silent about her needs.

“Miss Eleanor?” Virginia asked.

The corset tilted slightly. It waited.

“Miss Eleanor, could you please use the dildo on me?” Virginia said. She realized she was begging a ghost for sex, but she didn’t care.

On the wall behind the corset, Virginia could see the shadow of the ghost. The shadow’s arm rose, and the hand curled. Virginia understood the beckoning of the arm. Eleanor wanted to hear more.

“Please, ma’am,” Virginia begged. “You’ve driven me crazy. Please let me come. I’ll do anything you want and play any game you desire. Just put the dildo in me, please!”

The shadow nodded, and Virginia giggled with relief as the dildo floated out of sight. She felt the dildo brush against her thigh and home in between her legs. Bound as she was, she could only wait as the dildo pushed slowly into her. The dildo filled her, pushing her open until she cried out in relief. She clenched the hard rubber and struggled against the ropes. She tried as hard as she could to fuck the floating dildo, but she was too tired. When the dildo slipped out of her sex, she cried out again in frustration.

The dildo returned to her mouth, choking her cry. Slick from her own desire, it slid effortlessly into her mouth. She tasted herself on the dildo and sucked the juices off the rubber. She was encouraged by the fact that the gag wasn’t tied this time. She hoped that this meant that the mysterious Eleanor wasn’t done with her.

Virginia felt the ropes moving again. Her ankles and wrists were pulled in different directions, and she squealed as the ropes guided her through a reverse somersault in midair. Now she was hanging from the ceiling face up in a U, her arms and legs curling up towards the sky. The ropes had untwined from around her chest, so now, she had nothing covering her precious breasts. She looked at her body and, most important, at her burning sex. She saw a few drops of wax streaking her pussy, but she could also see how wet she was. The sight made her tremble as she was confronted with how much she was enjoying this.

The candles floated over her, and she felt her heart beat faster. It was one thing to be burned by the falling wax, but it was something else to actually watch it happen. Eight candles of all colors of the rainbow floated around her, dodging through her limbs and the hanging ropes. Watching how quickly the candles moved, she feared that they might accidentally set the ropes on fire.

Her fears were forgotten as the wax began to drip. Virginia couldn’t tear her eyes off the tipping candles, watching as the beads of wax formed on the lips of the candles before falling. In slow motion, the drips fell onto her body. Little pricks of molten wax collided with her skin, splattering their heat before rapidly cooling.

She hadn’t realized how helpless she really was until now. When a candle tipped over one of her breasts, she would twist and writhe, but it did no good. She was forced to watch the candle aim and then release its wax directly onto one of her exposed nipples. The bound woman screamed into her gag as the wax cooled on her aching nipples. Both nipples were already tender from the clamps and the rope, but she discovered that they were still capable of enduring more intense sensations. Again and again, the candles would splatter her chest, but all she could do was watch.

A black candle floated between her thighs, and even though it was lit, Virginia harbored a wicked desire to be penetrated. The candle hovered between her legs before dipping down and simply rubbing against her nether lips. She moaned as the end of the candle ground against her clitoris. Such direct stimulation was unexpected, and she shook in her bonds with pleasure despite the constant raining of hot wax on her body.

The candle rose and tipped, dropping a long stream of hot wax directly onto her sex. Her cries were so loud that not even the gag could silence her. The hot wax scorched her, but the intense sensation was driving her arousal into frenzy. Only when the candle moved away did she realize she had nearly had a climax from the wax.

Dazed, she hung loosely as the ropes moved again. Now, the ropes holding her legs pulled straight up, while her arms were held tightly to her sides. She hung upside down in a Y shape as her legs were pulled wider and wider apart. Her ass and sex were extremely vulnerable, and her hopes rose as the black corset walked around behind her. On the wall, she saw the shadow of the ghost beckon for her. When the gag was pulled from her mouth, Virginia didn’t hold back.

“Fuck me!” she sobbed. “Candles, dildos, I don’t care! Just fuck me, please!”

One of the black heels floated in front of her face. The point of the shoe came closer to her mouth, and the young lawyer knew what to do. Upside down, she kissed the offered shoe. The shoe moved slightly away from her lips, but she was too eager to please her tormentor. Her tongue snaked out from her mouth and licked the leather shoe. She felt no shame at all about licking the shoe; she needed to come, and she would have done anything to earn Eleanor’s favor.

The shoe moved away, and Virginia felt the press of the dildo against her thighs. The dildo, already covered in her spit and sex, slid away from her thighs and over her wax-splattered buttocks. She felt the tip of the dildo press against her anus, and she cried out triumphantly as it worked its way slowly into her. Her sphincter expanded, stretching to accommodate the long dildo. The length of the dildo disappeared inside her, and she couldn’t have been happier.

Fully penetrated, she whimpered as the dildo ceased moving. She was so close — it couldn’t stop now! She could feel her face flush as the blood rushed to her head. She clenched against the dildo and fought against the hanging ropes in a desperate effort to move it inside her. One thrust, one twist, one anything would be enough to send her over the edge.

The corset walked around in front of Virginia. A blue candle spilled wax on the floor, and she watched in amazement as words formed in the wax. Despite the wonders of the bondage so far, she felt a chill at the communication from the other side.

The words said, “Promise to be my slave.”

“I promise to be your slave,” Virginia gasped.

“Promise to worship me,” the wax read.

“I promise to worship you,” she whined.

“Promise to be mine to the end,” the wax demanded.

“I do,” she said.

The shoe lifted from the floor, and the heel pressed into Virginia’s chest. The sharp heel scratched her very slightly, just enough to let her know it was there. The heel dragged against her skin, and the puddles of wax, ascending between her hanging breasts, moving up her chest, over her belly and between her thighs. The heel brushed over her clitoris, sending shivers through out her body. Rubbing over her pussy lips, the heel stopped at her opening and sank in.

“Oh, God!” Virginia cried out. The high heel sunk into her, but the rest of the shoe lay against her nether lips. The tip of the shoe ground against her clitoris, and she could only vibrate from the bliss she was feeling.

The dildo in her ass began to move as well. It pumped her tight cheeks in a rhythm that complemented the pumping of the heel. One moved in, while the other moved out. Virginia’s mind reeled from the double fucking, and her breathing became labored and loud. This was what she had been craving, and at the simple price of her obedience, she was finally rewarded.

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