Oct 062006

I skipped the house with no Halloween decorations and went on to the white one where a skeleton was half-buried in the front yard. It was the week before Halloween, and I knew Raquel would be in a festive mood. What was the point of looking for her in a house where the people didn’t bother to decorate?

A cardboard ghost was tacked on the front door. The owners must have had a lot of faith in the ghost, because they’d forgotten to bolt the door. I could envision the ghost leaping off the door and suffocating me, but the happy spirit only smiled at me. I smiled back at him, giddy with the excitement of the night. It took only a few moments to pick the lock, and I was in.

There is magic in entering a stranger’s house for the first time. My cock was so damn hard I felt like I was going to burst my sweatpants. My hands were sweating, and I resisted the urge to take off my black gloves. Every part of me was alive, and I swear I could smell Raquel’s perfume in the quiet house.

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Ten minutes later, I realized she wasn’t there. The house smelled of her — like peaches and sweat — so I knew she had been here. It was just a poor house for our purposes. There were three kids, all of them teenagers. My flashlight almost woke up the oldest son, whose room was decorated with violent images. I could picture Raquel standing at his doorway and reaching the same conclusion I did. Our game was risky enough without some kid with anger issues waking up on us.

I left that house and skipped the next two. One wasn’t decorated and the other had a dog door — a definite no-no for us. A Pekingese had nearly ripped my balls off last spring. I had Raquel bent over a couch, and I was slamming her ass. The damn dog jumped up right between my legs and missed my bouncing sack by inches. Dogs didn’t fuck around with intruders.

In the next yard were a few scarecrows dressed as if they were in a band. I couldn’t help moaning as I unlocked the door. It reminded me of being in the marching band in high school and fucking Hazel Dickinson. Those long bus rides were my first hint of how good sex could be. Hazel would sit on my lap in her skirt, and my pants would be open. We didn’t even have to grind; the lousy shocks and the bumpy roads kept us in constant motion. Sliding into her cunt was good, but doing it while the band was talking, playing around and completely oblivious to us was pure pleasure. I remember climaxing inside her, and we would share that look of pure intimacy that was born of secrets.

God, I was almost trembling as I checked the house out. There were band decorations everywhere. From the photographs in the hall, I could tell that both the husband and the wife played instruments. The teenage daughter played the flute, and I had dirty thoughts about Hazel playing her flute. I checked the daughter’s room out. The girl was pretty, but I left her alone. I’m not a pervert or anything.

Raquel wasn’t there — or in any of the next three houses I checked. My heart began to race as I checked my watch. The rules were simple: I had all night to find her, and she had to stay on the street we had picked. This was a long street, and even ruling out the non-decorated ones, I might not be able to check them all out before sunrise. The thought of not collecting my reward from her terrified me. We only play the game once a month, and tonight, I wanted her worse than ever. At the same time, the possibility of failing only turned me on more. It was just another one of the dangers of our game.

Danger was as important to me as breathing. The first time I ever saw a naked woman was when I had sneaked up to the attic and raided my father’s Playboys. My first orgasm came from exploring myself quietly in my grandparents’ house. I’ve had girlfriends and I’ve had casual sex, but nothing compares to the thrill of having sex where you shouldn’t.

I started skipping houses that my gut told me Raquel wouldn’t be interested in. To help matters, I used some luminescent chalk to mark the porches of houses I had checked. The glowing yellow marks added to the décor, and I smiled at my contribution to the holidays. It did make me wonder what the homeowners would think the following night when they saw the seemingly random marks on their steps. Maybe they’d think they were being targeted for a future robbery. I hoped they would turn that fear into hot sex, but I knew that most people weren’t that sophisticated.

Other people weren’t like Raquel and me. In college, I had perfected the art of breaking into sorority houses and masturbating in the darkness. Once I graduated, I started breaking into houses and apartment buildings to satisfy that urge within. It was exciting to explore a total stranger’s house, but it was becoming a lonely thing to do. I never stole a thing, and I never touched any of the sleeping people I encountered, but I knew that if I were ever caught, I would be locked away forever and ever. It was starting to get depressing.

Then one magical night around Christmas, I broke into a large house with more decorations than good taste. It was a gaudy, tacky place, and I couldn’t wait to pull out my cock and masturbate in the heart of all that overblown cheer. Just as I was about to start, I heard the sound of someone’s zipper being pulled down. My flashlight spun around and caught my future love in the act of masturbating while watching me.

It turns out that Raquel had seen me enter shortly after she had. Intrigued by the idea of watching another sneak like her, she had followed me while I explored the house. Once she saw that I wasn’t taking anything, she knew I was a thrill-seeker like her. The thought was just too much for her, and she had to masturbate right there.

That was the start of a beautiful love.

As I kept looking for her, I saw one house with beautiful Halloween lights strung over the windows. Red and orange lights flickered from the outside as I searched the house. It was pretty cool. The inside had other neat decorations, including a laughing skull that scared the shit out of me when I got too close to it. I froze as its ringing laughter echoed through the house. At any moment, I expected the homeowners to come rushing out and the sirens of angry police to wail their approach. I could picture Raquel running out of her hiding place and the two of us desperately escaping from a society that didn’t understand us.

I almost jerked off right there thinking about it.

The skull grew quiet, and in the darkness, the rest of the house slumbered. I was almost disappointed. The couple who owned the house slept on, and so did their four kids. No other toys came to life as I completed my search of the place.

On my way out, I saw a bowl of candy corn in the living room. I took a handful of the sugary treats and savored their overpowering flavor. Raquel and I both liked the candy, and we were both surprised to find someone else who shared a passion for the colorful confection. Last Halloween, Raquel had filled her sex with candy corn, and I ate the melted sweetness out of her. That’s love.

After a few more houses, I was sweating. The night air was cold, but my adrenaline was running high. I smelled her perfume twice, but she wasn’t there. The waiting was driving me nuts, and I wondered if it was this bad for her when she came looking for me.

I thought back to the first time we’d played the game, and I knew it was a silly question. We had spent the night talking about how much we loved hide and seek as kids, and she dared me that I couldn’t hide from her. We kept upping the stakes until we had settled on a reward, and at that point, the idea of hiding in other people’s houses only felt logical. Hell, it was what we were good at. It was a hot night of cat and mouse, and when she did find me, she climaxed as soon as I entered her. We quietly fucked in a dusty guest room over and over till neither of us could walk. Oh, yes, I knew hunting was just as much a turn-on for her.

Clouds covered the moon when I broke into the next house. I had a good feeling about it. There were fake tombstones in the yard and a complex fake spiderweb covered the porch. The door was deadbolted, but the window next to it was unlocked. I crawled through without a hitch and took a look around.

The house was decorated inside, but luckily, there were no laughing skulls. The place had a good vibe. A cardboard witch lurked in the living room while a few glowing ghosts haunted the hallway. The furniture was top-notch, expensive wood with ornate details. It was like being in a haunted mansion.

Raquel was in the dining room. She started moaning as soon as my flashlight swept around the corner. A dim paper lantern lit up the room, casting orange bats against the walls. She had let her blond hair down and was smiling at me. She had also taken off her sweatshirt, which made me moan and laugh at the same time. I could just see her waiting here, topless for some midnight house walker to discover.

I didn’t say anything as I walked up to her. Her face in my hands, I took her mouth with mine. She tasted like candy corn, and I groaned in her lips. We had eaten from the same dish, walked in the same house and were now going to fuck together where we should not be.

“How do you want it?” Raquel purred when I broke the kiss. I’d won the game; it was my choice. A thousand images sprang to mind and I wanted to do them all, but I knew better. There was no point in foreplay or contemplating combinations: We were both going to come instantly.

“Down,” I growled, and Raquel sunk to her knees. I pulled my sweats down past my cock. As soon as my cock was free, Raquel took me into her mouth. My hands tightened around her hair, and I kept her pinned to me. Her mouth sealed around my cock. I liked the idea of flooding the candy-corn flavor out of her mouth with the taste of my seed.

Raquel groaned as I thrust down into her mouth. I was trembling with excitement. She had a noisy mouth, and the slurping sounds seemed terribly loud and naughty in the quiet house. My love was fingering her sweet cunt beneath her sweatpants. She was stroking hard, her body humping the air as her desire consumed her.

I knew the feeling.

We heard a sound come from upstairs. Like a floorboard creaking or the heavy tread of someone afraid. Even above the sounds of her mouth, we both heard a voice.

In response, we both moaned louder.

A door opened upstairs, and I pumped harder between Raquel’s lips. My love was climaxing, her whole body shaking and her lips humming around my cock as she came.

The floor creaked upstairs as someone cautiously braved the dark house. He might be armed with a bat or even carrying a gun. The floor creaked louder as the person upstairs gained courage and walked faster.

I climaxed hard, so very damn hard, into Raquel’s mouth. The orgasm stunned me with its intensity. I bent over as I emptied myself down her throat. Raquel purred louder between swallows.

A foot clomped loudly on the stairs as I pulled my cock out of her mouth. Some of my seed splattered her chest and she giggled. She still had her shirt off and it didn’t look like she was putting it on anytime soon. Her tanned breasts shimmered in the soft light, and I giggled with her at her audacity. There was nothing like afterglow to make a woman reckless.

“Is there a way out?” I asked.

Raquel nodded and took my hand. Together, we were silent, and I once again marveled at how good we were. She led me through the kitchen and to a back door she had left unlocked. Lights were being turned on the house behind us as we made our escape. Raquel dived behind a row of bushes and I quickly joined her. Secure in our new hiding place, we watched as a very tall man came to the kitchen door and peered out through the window.

“Close one,” Raquel said.

I shook my head. “We’ve had worse.”

I leaned over and kissed her ear. My arm hugged her bare chest to me, and I grabbed a breast playfully. Raquel pressed against me, and I could hear her breathing quicken. Her nipple was hard under my fingers, and she struggled to stay quiet as we hid.

“Still horny?” she asked when I released her ear. I didn’t let go of her breast.

“Give me a 30-minute head start and I’ll show you how horny I am,” I said.

Her face glowed with fear and excitement. “It’s already after 2, and I’ll bet you money that the guy called the police. There’ll be a police car patrolling the area for the rest of the night.”

“Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, God, yes,” Raquel moaned. “I’m timing you, you know?”

I kissed her before leaving. Playing the game twice in one night. It must be love.

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  1. *running through wearing only a sheet*


  2. That was awesome, Shon.

    Nice work–and you are so busy this month!

    How do find the time? Multitasking?


  3. Madame X- I hope that sheet is see-through.

    AAG- Some of these stories are from a few years ago and other content I worked like a dog on during last month. By Oct 12, I’ll be sick of Halloween lol.

  4. Last Halloween, Raquel had filled her sex with candy corn, and I ate the melted sweetness out of her.

    Now there’s a character with a major sweet tooth … and possibly another with a major yeast infection.

  5. wordslut- My teeth hurt just writing that line :)

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