Sep 292006

So I was watching porn the other day. I was watching a scene where a busty woman with long brown hair was giving a guy a blowjob. I’m enjoying the scene but then the camera pulls back to show another bed and a naked woman masturbating on it.

I got a little distracted and wondered about why that woman was even there. I have to admit I wasn’t following the ‘plot’ of the porn movie close enough to know if naked masturbating lady had any story significance. My mind wondered and I got to thinking about how the director came about to the idea of tossing in another naked woman who wasn’t participating, she was just fingering herself. Did naked lady have a no-sex clause in her contract? Was the director looking at that second bed and just felt a need to fill it with something? Was the naked girl on standby just in case a tragic blowjob incident occurred?

Then the naked masturbating lady did something that stopped my thinking and got me back into my own masturbating. Her hips jumped up two inches. It was a spasm, the kind you get when your body is really enjoying yourself and you want more. It was beautiful. I forgot about the blowjob couple and watched the masturbating lady for the rest of the scene. She shivered with pleasure at just the right times and made me forget I was watching porn and had me beleiving I was watching something real.

I’m not sure why female masturbation is so erotic to me. My wife is terribly shy when it comes to masturbating and I have never seen her do it. I know she does it, she often tells me how she waits till I am asleep or out of the house to do it. I don’t take it personally; she’s just too shy to do it in front of anyone. Since I don’t ever see the woman I live with masturbating, it becomes a rare exotic treat when I do see it.

I have often asked my submissives to masturbate in front of me and 4 times out of five I see this look on their face. They’re naked, they’ve just been spanked and now I want them to touch themselves? Wouldn’t my cock work better? Wouldn’t my own fingers work better? They do it anyway because I told them to, but there is always that bewilderment.

What they don’t know is that I can recall every single time they have masturbated for me. Years later I might have trouble remembering how their ass felt under my hand but I can remember with crystal clarity what they were wearing the moment they reached between their legs and slid one finger into their cunt. I remember how their breath caught during orgasm. I remember how their thighs opened for my viewing pleasure. I remember what time of day it was, the color of the pin in their hair and how warm it was in the room. Every single time has been burned into my memory.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting the itch to burn some new memories.

  7 Responses to “Touch Yourself”

  1. I’d volunteer, if I lived closer.

  2. I agree Shon. My wife will masturbate for me occasionally, usually with a vibrator. It’s good, but what I’d really like to see is a woman (my wife?) doing it without knowing I’m watching. That would be much better.

  3. Oh, and I’m trying to blog, but very little content so far. But I did try my first HNT…if anyone cares to see.

  4. There is something very powerful about being made to masturbate for my Dom. It makes those submissive feelings just bubble to the surface.


  5. On one level, I’m glad to mastrubate for someone if they ask for it. I love the show. But there is something revealing and embarrasing about it… especially on the days that I don’t like my body.

  6. This post stirred me up. I confess: I have masturbated for someone’s viewing pleasure but couldn’t let go enough to come.

    Another first still looming out there …

  7. I enjoy masturbating for others…hell, I’ve done it in public before, sitting in a restaurant, cumming quietly, but you can see the flush of excitement on my face as I breathe that sigh of release.

    Fuck, Shon. Not nice to make me remember that one.

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