Sep 192006

You know, I had a very thoughtful post ready about erotica but yesterday afternoon I was reminded that today was Talk Like a Pirate Day. So in honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, I am stealing my content from other websites today. Arrrgggg, a pirate blogger is the life for me. And just because a pirate plays by his own rules, not all the links are even pirate related.

First of all check out the official website for Talk Like A Pirate Day

Then set sail for Weird Al’s and listen to some new songs and videos he can’t release to the land lubbing public.

Lose an hour or two thrilling to the mindbending that is Bunny.

See silly people dressed as silly pirates at Flickr

Listen to Pirate music all day at A Pirate’s Life For Me

And if you really need some erotica today, check out a pirate story I wrote years ago called ‘Her Cabin Boy’

  2 Responses to “Talk Like A Pirate Day, Arrrgggg!”

  1. Greetings, Captian. I hope today be a fine day for ye.

  2. Damn yer eyes Shon, ye got me off on a whole night of Weird Al memories! Arrrr.

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