Sep 142006

No Half-Nekkid pictures this week. I’ve had a sinus infection all week and inspiration has been hard to come by with a stuffed noise, headaches and general crankiness. I’ve been running a low grade fever which means I’m just feverish enough to be annoyed, but not bad enough to get any real sympathy.

The weird thing about being feverish is my brain is racing with ideas. I’ve got three stories I want to try to write today between snifflings. The question always is though, is my overheated brain chruning out ideas or am I hallucinating really crappy story ideas that I do not see as crappy in my impaired state.

I always have some rather odd dreams. Last night I dreamed that for a college project, I organized a midnight student club where everyone must either strip or write. It was somehow school sanctioned made up of mostly hot girls. People took turns stripping or reading their stories. After I awke, I rolled my eyes at such an obvious fantasy fullfillment dream, but at the same time, my fevered brain started to work on the details of how to make that work.

I’m going to take some Claratin and look at the strippers of HNT today.

  3 Responses to “Not This Week”

  1. See, you can have sympathy once you stop trying to tough it out!

    Strip or write: tough choice. How about both? ;)

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