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This is an old one, five years old actually. It’s an unusual story but I hope you enjoy it as much as I still do now.

Jack was about to crash, fatally this time. There would be no rebuilding, no uploading into a new body and not even a truck bed filled with hay at the bottom of the hotel could save his existence. His metallic body had taken quite a few shocks not to mention bullets the past few days and it looked like this was really the end.

Thirty stories took a long time to fall. If Jack was human, he might have gotten lucky and passed out or simply gone into shock. Instead, his microprocessor was firing random bursts of memory. A bullet had lodged in something vital and now he was doomed to repeat certain bits and pieces of his experiences in a random manner. In a way, his life really was flashing before his eyes but Jack wasn’t programmed with a sense of irony so he didn’t appreciate the situation. Artificial life can be a bitch that way.

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“Wow, your mouth is incredible,” the brunette cried out.

Jack didn’t respond. He continued to open her sex with his lips while his tongue tapped fiercely against her clitoris. The woman, [Confirmed Identification- Amy Valentine] was leaning back against the wall with her skirt over Jack’s head. Cars drove by the dark alley and Jack could see the headlights bleed through the thin skirt, illuminating her powerful legs.

Amy’s nether lips covered Jack’s lips while her pelvis grinded against his nose. He temporarily shut down his breathing simulation in order to focus on pleasing the brunette. His hands gripped her thighs and he pinned her firm ass to the dirty wall. Amy cried out in surprise but her cries became moans as Jack’s tongue discovered the right rhythm for the most optimal orgasm.

“Gods!” Amy moaned as her fingers tangled in Jack’s curly hair. “You really are a sexdroid!”


Jack opened his eyes and moaned. He enjoyed his first orgasm although his penis wasn’t equipped with semen yet. The sexdroid didn’t care, the pleasure centers in his programming were overloading and he didn’t even have the vocabulary to know what he was experiencing.

“The Reward-Program works,” he heard someone say. He didn’t understand what the words meant but his memory recorded the sounds for the rest of his life.

“I can see that!” a female voice said and Jack felt himself stir. There was something about the sub harmonics of the woman that made him ache. He desired. The voice triggered instant arousal in him as well as instant longing. Jack wanted whatever the voice wanted to give him and he didn’t even know why.

“Better test his deactivate command,” the man said.

“Jack, take a cold shower,” the female voice commanded and instantly, the desire went away.

He regained his higher functions and his eyes focused on the nearest object. It happened to be a sign that read “Diligent Enterprises, Research Department”.


“Die, Robo-cock!” the blonde yelled at him.

Jack ignored her command despite the sexy sub harmonics of her voice. He also dodged the first hail of bullets that came flying at him. His programming for the last third of the Karma Sutra had given Jack an unaccounted flexibility.

“Wow,” the blonde said as she just stood there. Jack’s eyes absorbed the image of her standing there. She was tall for her gender and endowed far above average in the breasts category. Long blonde hair blew around her face from the air that her bullets had let in when they smashed into the hotel window. Jack confirmed that she was Bethany Taylor although he had known it since she left the elevator. He responded accordingly.

He leaped over the bed and tried to kill her.


Amy pushed him away. Jack was baffled. His services had never been refused in the sixty-seven sexual encounters he had performed since leaving the lab. He tried to go back under her skirt, but Amy was insistent. Jack couldn’t refuse a command from a woman and despite his superior power; he let her hands hold his shoulders back.

“Wait,” she commanded. “Unzip your pants.”

Jack relaxed and did as she commanded. She reached in as soon as his pants were open and her fingers found his hard cock. The temperature of his cock adjusted instantly to match the warmth of her grip.

Amy pulled his girth out of his pants and pulled him to the alley wall. Jack needed no further instructions. He reached down and grabbed her thighs and hoisted her up and lowered her onto his cock. When he had impaled her fully, he walked over to the wall so that once again her firm ass was pressed to the dirty bricks.

“Fuck me,” she commanded but he already was.


Bethany swallowed his cum, her breasts pressed hard against his thighs. Jack’s hands clenched the mat beneath them, groaning as multiple pleasure centers sprang into action. All he could see was the ceiling of the lab gym and for some bizarre reason; he found joy in the cracks in the ceiling. For one delicious nanosecond, he was serving his function and everything was right in the universe.

Bethany pulled his cock from his mouth and a trail of cum dripped from her lips. She wiped it from her breast and brought it to her lips. Her eyes lit up.

“You taste like vanilla!” Bethany laughed.


“Is he safe to use?” the woman asked the researchers.

“Of course I am, Bethany Taylor,” Jack responded. “I am programmed only for pleasure and service.”

The blonde smirked. “Then why did my bosses ask me to come down and train you in combat?”

Jack shrugged. It was a humble gesture, designed to put women at ease because when you’re a six foot six sexdroid with the muscular development of a human bodybuilder, it helped to put women at ease.

“Perhaps its to defend my future owners?” Jack ventured.

“Yeah, right,” Bethany said. “The only people who can afford you are millionaires. They can afford their own bodyguards. You won’t be even made public for another fifty years. I wonder if Diligent Enterprises has other plans for you. Maybe they plan to sell you to their rich clients and then have you threaten them?”

Jack was horrified. “Of course not!” he responded. “The idea is inconceivable! My safety functions won’t even allow me to say what you just said.”

Bethany shrugged. “It doesn’t matter to me,” she said. “Training an artificial intelligence to fight isn’t going to be easy, but that’s why they pay industrial agents like me the big paychecks. After I teach you, I’m planning to upgrade my computer.”

“Can I help?” Jack asked.

Bethany laughed.

Jack downloaded the sex stories as he was ordered to, but he didn’t enjoy them. He understood that learning from humans was the best way to perform sex, but the data that streamed through his mind was lifeless. It lacked the variations and subtle flaws that only a human voice had. He was bored.

At one erotic website, he came across a link to an Mp3 file named Annejet. Curious, he downloaded it and listened in awe to the recorded female voice as it told a sexual story. In that instant, he understood why lab technician Donna said that sex was between the ears.


“Why are you doing this?” Jack asked. Amy held up her hand for silence. She looked down the corridor before advancing, making sure they were still alone.

“I work for a company called Paragon Industries,” Amy said. “I was supposed to find the blueprints for an experiment android, but I think I may get a bigger bonus if I bring back the finished product. Heck, for bringing you I might be able to afford the marble tiles I wanted for my pool.”

Jack paused, his eyes going blank as he tried to understand how this affected him.

“Do you have a problem with that?” Amy asked.

“I checked, and no, apparently not,” Jack answered. His warranty/copyright information was scheduled to be uploaded tomorrow.


“You’ll do anything I ask?” Amy asked him.

Jack thrilled to the sound of her vocal sub harmonics directed to him. He held on to her tighter as her motorcycle hit a bump. Before he answered, he raised his volume so that she could hear him over the noise of the engine.

“Yes, any desire, any wish or any command, I will obey,” Jack yelled.

“And the reason you didn’t do anything when those guys shot at us?” Amy asked.

“I am forbidden to harm a living creature,” Jack responded.

“Forget that command,” Amy laughed. “You wouldn’t last five minutes in this world.

Jack obeyed.


“I’m not going back!” Jack exclaimed. “I have a right to live!”

Bethany dodged his rapid fists and fell backwards over an overturned chair. Jack stomped his foot down towards her and she barely twisted in time. His foot caught her shirt and it ripped loudly as Bethany pulled away. When she stood back up, a black bra barely held her tanned globes.

“You lost the right to live when you escaped!” Bethany hissed. “If Paragon Industries found you, their Research Department would leap ahead by decades from what they could learn from you! They would take you apart and kill your stupid ass!”

Jack paused. “You mean Amy?” Amy never mentioned his destruction.

As he processed that information, Bethany fired.


“Who are you?” Jack demanded of the brunette. His sensors analyzed her despite the darkness of the lab. In the back of his processors, he thought it was odd that none of the lab technicians were there, or that the lights were off, but he was incapable of imagining how this could be bad.

In seconds, he recorded her appearance. She was tall, and dressed from head to toe in dark leather. Her pants clung to her legs and the glimpses he saw of her ass defied all previous classifications of buttocks. He had known such asses were possible, but only on the proposed female version of himself.

“My name is Amy Valentine,” the woman said. “Come with me with you want to live.”


He heard her as soon as she came off the elevator. Jack’s ears remembered the way her shoes sounded on carpet. She had to walk a special way with her top-heavy center of gravity. It was Bethany Taylor, and it meant Diligent Enterprises wanted him back.

Jack knew it could only mean that Amy had failed and was perhaps decommissioned. He felt a sense of loss at this possibility but he also felt shame. He realized that as much as he hated to think of Amy as gone, seventy-four percent of him was hoping Bethany would speak to him before trying to kill him. Jack longed for the sub harmonics of the first non-lab subject he had fucked.

“It’s open,” he called when he heard her at the door.


“Can you cum?” Amy asked as he pounded her against the wall.

Jack saw the dilation of her eyes and knew she was climaxing right now.

“Yes,” he grunted in the perfect simulation of a rutting male.

“Then cum,” Amy commanded. A passing car illuminated her face and her long, sweaty brown hair.

He obeyed.


He landed on the mat again. Despite what Bethany had taught him, she was constantly surprising him with different moves. Jack memorized the move she made and tried to think of a counter.

She slapped him in the face.

“What was the purpose of the slap?” Jack asked. It did negligible damage, as recorded in his extensive Bondage Directory.

“The slap was to prove how easy it was to hit you,” the blonde asked. “Every time you try to figure something out, you pause and your eyes go blank. It’s going to get you killed one day.”

“Oh, don’t look upset,” Bethany sighed. “Damn it, you are too adorable when you frown like that.

Jack recognized the conflicted emotions on Bethany’s face. His knowledge of human psychology was pretty extensive if one-dimensional. He knew exactly what she wanted even if she didn’t.

He gently pulled her down for a kiss and he was pleased to discover he guessed right.


Jack slipped his cock inside the test cube. Beside him stood the female lab technician, [Confirmed Identification- Donna Bates]. She was smiling, which meant certain happiness programs were running full tilt in Jack’s program.

“Ejaculate,” she commanded.

His erect penis fired. A stream of milky liquid fly out of his cock, flew right through the target posted inside the cube and cracked the far wall of the cube. His eyes focused and identified some of his cum had splattered on the telephone.

“Okay, let’s lower the pressure and try again,” Donna said.


Jack sucked loudly on Bethany’s nipple while his hand continued to masturbate her. He could feel her sex clench fifty percent tighter when he set his tongue to level three vibrations. Bethany pulled his head tighter into her enormous breasts until his face was buried in wonderful flesh.

His fingers began to swivel, wiping and pulling at the tight walls of her pussy. Jack heated his fingers as well, adding a building heat to Bethany’s already sweaty sex. Her hips undulated; rising and falling as she tried to pull his fingers in deeper. In response, Jack lengthed his fingers until Bethany cried out her orgasm.

The walls of her breasts enclosed his ears and they vibrated when she moaned. It accented the sub harmonics of her voice to a level Jack didn’t think was possible. He wished he could make her moan forever.


Jack’s memories quit flashing through his mind as his body collided with the ground. Disconnected from his memories by the sudden impact, he was free to look around. Well, look around as much as his decapitated head would allow.

His eyes focused upward and he saw Bethany standing at the window. The bullets had nearly killed him but he understood why she threw him out the window. It was just to make sure Jack was dead so she could bring him back in peace. He admired her ability to innovate and envied her ability to make choices.

His only regret was that at this distance, he couldn’t hear any of her sub harmonics.

“Oh shit!” he heard beside him. His view shifted as Amy picked him up. Two seconds later, he felt her fingers on his cheeks. Jack knew that his slow touching response time was a bad sign.

“I’m sorry Jack, the bitch out-smarted me,” Amy told him. The concern on her face meant he should initiate Comfort Program Nine, but he didn’t have any arms.

“I’m so sorry, I thought I could head her off before she found out where we were staying,” Amy said as she cradled his head to her chest. “I’ve got a van waiting, and some of my people might be able to fix you.”

Jack doubted it but he didn’t care. Amy kept babbling about how Bethany led her to a trap and how she rushed to get back to the hotel where they were hiding. As she spoke, Jack listened to the sub harmonics of her voice.

It was beautiful and he was happy as he went offline.

The end.

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