Sep 042006

In tabletop roleplaying games, players create characters that they play. The details and stats of these fictional characters are written down on a character sheet for reference sake. It has occurred to me that sexual roleplaying works with clichés but rarely are characters planned out past the initial concept of say, ‘strict teacher’. I think it might be interesting to flesh out these concepts into something that I, and my readers, can use at play parties, conventions or just their bedrooms.

Mr. Strick is a teacher. He teaches the three B’s: Bondage, Begging and Blowjobs. His curriculum prepares his students for the rough and tumble world of sadistic sex but mostly it is designed to get his students very hot and bothered.

He wears glasses; for a teacher is without vanity. His shirt is buttoned up and the tie he wears is a striped back and blue, incidentally the same color of his student’s asses. Hair cut short but just messy enough as befitting a man who spends little time in front of a mirror. Slacks are black, as well as his shoes. The bulge in his pants may not be professional but it strains against his slacks, taunting the students with the rewards that may come to those who study and suck hard.

In his shirt pocket he carries a red marker which he will whip out at a moments’ notice to grade a student. He prefers to write the grade right on the student’s skin, giving her tits, ass, face or thigh a grade that she has earned. All grades are final though they may be improved with extra credit activities.

Hanging from his belt is a wooden paddle. Twelve inches by four inches, this firm instrument of discipline keeps his students in line. The better students automatically bend over when Mr. Strick takes his paddle in hand. They flip their skirts up and expose their bottoms for the spanking lesson they are about to receive. The naughtier students must be taken over the lap, their skirts yanked high and a firm hand around the throat of the student to keep her still. The paddle administers a stinging reminder to both kinds of students that no deed, good or bad, goes unpunished.

As for the students, Mr. Strick has a strict uniform in mind. A short skirt that can not go past the knees, a sheer white shirt with buttons, many of them undone. A tie that fits closely around the neck and strong enough to be tugged like a leash. Hair can be down or in a braid, but please, no pigtails. Mr. Strick is a perverted teacher, but even he finds pigtails to be too close to actual childhood.

Mr. Strick is cruel but unfair. He assigns the impossible and deducts points for every infraction, real and imagined. To be his student is to be constantly behind in your work and it is your behind that pays for your inadequacies. He gives out too much homework but since the homework is always masturbation and more masturbation, his students always seem to keep up.

His students address him as Mr. Strick and he address his students as Ms. ____ because the relationship between teacher and student should always be professional. It doesn’t matter if his cock is inside her at the moment, or if the student is currently crying from the blistering paddling she is receiving, good manners are the sign of an intelligent mind.

Students are tied to their chairs for Mr. Strick knows how naughty they can be. Their ankles are bound to their desk, legs spread wide so he may glance up their skirts. One hand is tied down to the desktop while their writing hand remains free. If students are lacking proper posture, then more restraints will be added till all students are sitting up good and straight.

At the end of the school day, or night, Mr. Strick chooses a new teacher’s pet. This lucky student is slapped, spanked, tied up, fucked and used as Mr. Strick sees fit. These sessions count towards the student’s final grade so best efforts are always required. As for Mr. Strick, this is just the compensation he receives for being an educator of tomorrow’s generation of sluts.

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  1. Nice… where can one sign up for classes? *chuckle*

  2. Mmm … Sign me up, too.

  3. Classes for the Fall Semester can be done by e-mail. Please attach interests of studies and a current picture of panties.

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