Sep 112006

Dr. Otto Von Madd is a scientist in the field of Sexual Experimentation. He’s a genus although his brilliant mind is warped in ways that normal people can’t follow. He’s also very horny and is constantly seeking the goal of all mad scientists, the creation/transformation of the Perfect Woman.

Dr. Von Madd wears a white lab coat with multiple pockets to hold his many inventions. Glasses as thick as the Hubble Telescope sits on his face, while his hair seems to go straight up from his head. His slacks are a garish color, chosen by some obscure fashion principle currently in vogue in Belgium.

He likes to take measurements, especially of the female form. He has measuring tape that he wraps around waists, calipers for measuring breast size and dildos for measuring depth of mouth, cunt and ass. If asked, Dr. Von Madd will explain that he is gathering data for Project 69, but whether it is a robot, a monster or some other creation, he won’t say. He narrates all of his data into his voice recorder without any sense of tact for the subject he is talking about. It isn’t that he is rude, it’s that Science is too important for the feelings of the uneducated.

His experiments take place in all sorts of fields. From escape-proof handcuffs, to the latest advancements in artificial cunts, Dr. Von Madd is always working on the latest technologies to build a better climax. His orgasm-inducing paddle still seems to have some bugs in it, and the mind-control ball gag seems to not be working at all, but Dr. Von Madd keeps trying them on a sometimes willing populace.

While performing his experiments and data gathering, Dr. Von Madd often takes on assistants to aid him in his work. These assistants, female always, often only wear lab coats and underwear. They may hold down reluctant subjects for Dr. Von Madd’s measurements, or they may be an emergency subject themselves, submitting to the latest crazed idea percolating in Dr. Von Madd’s mind. Sometimes he tests how many orgasm can one woman take standing up, and other times he is fascinated by the spanking pain threshold index. More often than not though, their primary function is to fall to their knees and help the doctor concentrate with a stress relieving blowjob.

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  1. He likes to take measurements.

    Indeed. Dr. Von Madd and I are quite well-acquainted.

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