Sep 042006

My wife awoke this morning with painful menstrual cramps. I awoke with knees and ankles that just wanted to die. Hmm, Thursday, Friday and Saturday walking around three hotels up stairs, down stairs and walking through endless lines might bee a bit more than we could handle.

So the two of us, in a lot of pain, looked at each other with a sort of guilty dread. We didn’t want to be the one who stopped Dragon*Con. We eyed each other and very carefully brought up what events we wanted to go to today. There was an artist contest, and there was the costume contest, but even as we spoke we could feel the implied horror of having to take another train, having to march down endless steps and oh Gods, the thought of getting poked in the eye by another Fairy wing.

The problem really lies in that we were too damn efficient. We hit everybody we wanted to and we did it fast. We walked to the artists and writers we wanted to, and we bought more stuff than we can reasonably decorate out apartment with. Dragon*Con has a lot of TV celebrities and the bulk of the programming revolves around them. Since I have no interest in seeing the cast of Stargate, it didn’t leave us much more to do that we hadn’t done already. We had effeciently did everything a five day convention had to offer in two and a half days.

So we decided to stay home and my knees thanked me for that. The only thing that bothers me is that I find myself missing the unknown crowds of geeks already. I liked soaking in people of my own interest. I liked watching pretty blondes wearing shirts that said “ I
Even though I stayed up home today and I am not sure if we going to Dragon*Con tomorrow, we still have loot to share because I forgot to list it the other day.

A gorgeous mermaid picture from David Deen. David was a wonderful guy to talk to and he really took his time and explained how he worked.

A pirate coin that belongs to Atlas Games’ pirate game, Pieces of Eight. I didn’t get the game, but I did get a free sample coin for saying “Aaarrrggg” Have I mentioned how much I like novelty coins? There is something about unique coinage that makes me greedy.

  5 Responses to “Dragon*Con Day Four:To Mend and Defend”

  1. I had a weekend of pornalicious debauchery. Then today it went to shit. *hugs*

  2. Tragic, I love “pornalicious.”

    I liked watching pretty blondes wearing shirts that said “I

    What does the shirt mean, and what do you mean by mixed? One geek, one non-geek?

  3. Tragic- For every peak there must be a valley. Write about the peak :)

  4. Wordslut-
    As for mixed, I meant racially mixed couples. Down here on the not-so-friendly South it’s pretty unusual to see couples of different ethnic origins but here at Dragon*con, it was like a giant melting pot. It was the kind of thing that gives me hope for the future.

  5. My darling, as soon as I get the words, hopefully tomorrow or the next day – Xantasia will tell all ;)

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