Sep 262006

I was talking to Always Aroused Girl on IM’s and she chided me for my lack of post today. I told her that I was really swamped with work. She sympathized and said that her brain was overwhelmed with HTML because of her upcoming blog redesign.

That got me thinking about what my brain is occupied with.

80% of my brain is on work. October is going to be a really busy month and the prep work for the busy month is almost as bad as the month itself.

10% is on this new long story idea I have. I want to shoot for 15 chapters but I need character names, professions for the characters, marital histories, and a host of other things like what their first sex scene will be like and what subplots I want to wrap in. Even though I doubt I’ll have time to write any of it till November, the story just won’t sit still in my brain.

5% is on my impending family member moving in with us.

4% is on the new Tenacious D movie, The Pick of Destiny. Man I want to see a fun movie now.

That last one percent? That’s on Jello chocolate pudding. Mmmmm.

  8 Responses to “Brain Percentages”

  1. Pudding….ummmm pudding.

    %50 of my mind is now on pudding.


  2. Great. Mine too, now.

    Pudding for everyone! Pudding all around.

    (Who thinks the chocolate is therapeutic)

  3. I saw some pudding in the store and I was thinking, when was the last time I had pudding? So on a lark I bought some and it was even more delicious than I remember pudding being.

    I like your idea Bella, pudding for everyone!

  4. I have two children so I have no brain…it’s been eaten away by the little darlings….pudding?

  5. right now… my brain is 75% on chocolate (pudding or not)

  6. Madame X- Pudding is a delicious substance made of cholocate, milk and pure yumminess. And no, pudding is not code for anything. Though for you, it could be :)

    Jaenelle- Your brain sounds so yummy right now.

  7. I love chocolate pudding — but Jell-O?!

  8. wordslut- Jell-o pudding is what I have been conditioned to love by the North Carolina school system. Yummy

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