Sep 112006

9/11 was a life changing day for me. Wasn’t it for everyone? The greif was overwhelming and the terror was something I don’t think most of us have ever gotten over.

In the last week, the media has worked overtime to create their death porn specials where they chop together the most heartbreaking moments of death, loss and fear and put them together as entertainment. ABC/Disney decided to take one of the worse moments in our history and MAKE SHIT UP so they can make Clinton look bad. Since this is an election year, expect to see 9/11 every day from now till November as Republicans do their best to make sure the local Democrat Candidate comes across as a charter member of Al-Qaeda. I am honeslty surprised Fox News doesn’t have a 9/11 channel.

So I hope you forgive me if I decide not to share my 9/11 feelings with this blog. And I hope you forgive me if just do my little erotica thing as a sort of refuge from the real grief of that day and the very unreal exploitation that has followed.

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