Aug 052006

With the help of this place I made my own nifty little On Notice Board.

Thus concludes perhaps the only meme I will ever do.

  7 Responses to “On Notice”

  1. *giggling*

    Who could find fault with chicken fries?????

  2. What’s wrong with Firefly fans?

  3. Too fucking hot to write a real post today, Shon?

    We brats need love, too, you know …

  4. AGG- My wife is HOOKED on Chicken Fries and that means we go to Burger King four times a week. You’re on notice, Chicken Fries!

    Jaenelle- Firefly Fan forgive a little too much. I can’t seem to have a rationale discussion with any of them. I loved the series and wasn’t happy with the movie and Firefly Fans act like by speaking bad about the movie, I run the risk of ruining any sequels. Firefly fans, your fandom borders on psycho and you’re on notice!

    Wordslut- Why yes, it is :) Brats can have love, I’m just putting them on notice because they always need a reminder.

  5. Totally clueless here but I wanted in on the girl party!

  6. Madame X- Girl parties! I knew I forgot one.

  7. Ok… can you handle non-rabid fans? I can accept that people may not have liked the movie. And I don’t think that a sequel would be a bad thing either. And we can agree to disagree on some things.

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