Aug 062006

September 1st is Dragon*Con. Me and the lovely wife will be attending and we plan to have a fan-fucking-tastic time.

No, we are not dressing up.

It’ll be four days of comic nerds, role-playing nerds and science fiction nerds hanging out, selling things, buying things and waiting in long lines to meet favorite authors and artists. I went alone years ago and it was awesome but this will be my wife’s first time so much hilarity should ensue.

My wife has her four days planned out but I am a much more casual type. I also realized that some of you might be there. I know there will be a ton of real celeberties there, but if you would like to meet up with a guy who posts on the Internet, drop me an e-mail at shonrichards at yahoo [dot] com and we can work something out. You can look at me and snicker about whatever I had bought that day and I can look at you and confirm that real human beings read my stories.

By the way, that image is from Leia’s Metal Bikini A fun group that plans to be at Dragon*Con as well.

By the way Part 2- I was scanning the list of guests this year and my fanboy heart skipped a beat when I saw Erin Gray on the list. Oh Colonel Wilma, Buck just doesn’t appreciate you like I would.

By the way Part 3- Just a few more days for the Cell Phone Slave Paddle Contest

  7 Responses to “Just 26 More Days”

  1. I wish I could make it this year, it is always a great event. Just no time. So enjoy it for me Shon and have a wonderful time.

  2. Sorry!
    I think they woud take away my Theater Geek card if I were to show up!

  3. have fun. and if you like good music and haven’t heard them before… see The Crüxshadows.

    they are incredible and one of my favorite bands.

  4. We plan to have a fan-fucking-tastic time.

    I have no interest in the event itself, but if you’ll be fucking your fans, I might have to come … or at least attend.

  5. Hmmm,… I’ll have to agree with wordslut and Madame X says they’ll take her theater geek card….We can get cards? What kinda geek am I? HELP! I blog, code HTML and fuck. WTF is that?

  6. Quite a few folks from my LJ list will be there too. I was invited to be the drippy, luscious brunette on someone’s arm, but gracefully declined. :) You need to come back with pictures!

  7. But Shon, it’s in freakin’ GEORGIA!!! Besides. You can’t go. Adam Baldwin will be there, and since it’s ALL about Jayne, so will a bazillion Firefly fans. And they’re on notice, remeber?

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