Aug 242006

Sometimes you just got to get in there yourself.

  23 Responses to “Half Nekked Thursday Zipper”

  1. What cha fishing for?


    You got it!

    Very hot, very suggestive.
    What comes next?

  2. *grins mischievously* I love peeking in! HHNT!

  3. Room for two in there??? Happy HNT

    Ms SD

  4. True…but if you ever need some help….

    HAPPY HNT! :)

  5. digging awfully deep there, having some trouble finding what you’re looking for?

    Just kidding! sheesh.

  6. Very nice…
    Happy HNT!

  7. Yes indeed, sometimes you do. HHNT!

  8. Madame X- Next comes ten minutes of stress reduction :)

    Tragic- Thanks :)

    Ms SD- Always room for two :)

    Polt- lol thanks.

    Art- Mostly because I had to wrap it around both thighs :P

    Pink Lady- Thanks.

    Emily- lol very true.

  9. LOL…yes sometimes you do–have to get in there yourself–but then you can post a pic & make all the rest of us want to get in there with you, too!

  10. Heheh..sometimes things are best done when done by onesself… ;) Though not always! Sexy pic!

    HHNT :)

  11. You wouldn’t be looking for trouser snakes would you?

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  12. Excellent idea! I agree … this should be part of a series.

  13. Well what are you waiting for? Pull it out!

  14. Too funny..I love it :) HHNT

  15. Felicity- ohhh, so that’s what it takes to get someone in my pants.

    Chelle- Thanks :)

    Suze- I should titled this one “Snakes in a Shorts”. maybe not.

    Wordslut- Not a bad idea.

    anastacia- lol, That would be funny.

    AAG- How do you know it ain’t already?

    Crimson- Thanks :)

  16. Did you scratch the itch! HHNT!

  17. Find anything of interest in there? Very nice pic. Happy HNT!

  18. THa’s a riot! HHNT!

  19. Ok… I want to see more… ;)

    Of course, that’s part of the point…

  20. Green eyes- Your point being? :)

    mommyof3- Itch has been scratched :)

    betcha- I wish I found someone else’s hand, but hey.

    andyt13- Thanks :)

    jaenelle- It is the point :)

  21. Holy crap, I need new contacts, for just a second I thought that was something snaking it’s way out not in.

    Great HNT.

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