Aug 032006

I don’t work out as much as I used to. My old routine was hard on my knees and after two weeks I would have to take a one week break till my knees recovered. Not the best schedule, huh?

So now I am doing more low impact stuff. The Wife is helping out and bless her Twin Moons, she finally found a way to make sit-ups fun.

The goal-


Oh Goddess, feel the BURN!


That’s one. It’s not so bad this way.

  26 Responses to “Half Nekked Thursday Workout”

  1. That is gorgeous and hilarious. Did you click the shutter with your chin?

  2. hehe love the commentary. How the heck did you get the pics? Or should be ask ;)


  3. I am feeling humbled by your wife’s bounty!

    As a fitness professional I suggest that you place your finger tips behind your head elbows out and then dive in to those amazing tits face first.

    Just a suggestion.

  4. hehehe HHNT! Nice motivation!

  5. Why dont they have motivational tools like that at my gym?
    Happy HNT

    Ms SD

  6. Wrygirl- Close :) Think a little higher.

    Oldfashionmomma- The wife held the camera and I clicked it with whatever body part could reach it.

    Madame X- Face first? Well you are the professional.

    Felicitya- Thanks :)

  7. Ms SD-If I knew a gym that did, I would start going :)

  8. hhehehehe ‘go for the burn’.

    Top series Shon! and rather nice…curvy assets too I may add.

    Hot..HHNT :)

  9. That’s one of the best HNTs I’ve ever seen. Your wife has gorgeous breasts.

  10. Awesome! How DID you get those shots? Lucky lady.

  11. You are a laugh riot. That just brightened up my morning. Sitting here spitting out iced coffee. Next time, off with the bra, Mrs. Shon.

  12. Nice Motivation :) Your lady wife, what we can see of her… is very nice on the eyes. Probably better in the hands too.

  13. I need to come over and work out at your place.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  14. Love it! :) How many sit-ups can you do before you move into other, umm, exercises?

  15. anastasia- Boobs make burning worthwhile. That might have come out wrong.

    AAG- Why thank you.

    Vic- Balance and burning.

    Tess- lol, My humble blog is not worthy of braless Wife yet.

    jaenelle- she’s so very nice on the hands.

    Suze- Sure, just leave your own bra behind :)

    M- after a set, there is no energy to do other things :)

  16. Loved this HNT!

  17. This made my morning. HHNT!

  18. it. HHNT!

  19. There are two reasons why I loved this HNT!!

    Now why didn’t I think of this, I just might have to start working out again. Lady L!!!

  20. I really REALLY need a workout, she free this weekend? Great pics! HHNT!

  21. Green eyes- Thanks :)

    Sabrina- Making mornings is our aim :)

    Pink Lady-Thanks :)

    Artful dodger-That’s lady friends are there for, to work out with. right?

    Tragic- Mrs. richards does appear to be a popular gym partner this week.

  22. Damn, what an incentive! Now when I do abdominal crunches, I’ll be thinking of your unique technique! Or I could just get my man to strip and straddle my knees, facing me . . .

  23. Come on, admit it. You were clicking the shutter with your tongue. That’s a workout in and of itself.


  24. Cherrie- My wiife likes to sit up and poke my belly. Ah, marriage to a domme.

    Bella- There was tongue involved, yes :)

  25. Wonderful idea!!! ;-))
    Late HHNT!

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