Aug 172006

Last week, before the Great Electric Bill Mystery, I and Sometimes Spanking Friend Sara went down to the pool. I brought my camera for HNT but got caught up in the sheer bliss of the pool and forgot to take any pictures till we were out of the pool and ready to go.

I still like the picture though. Look at the hair on my legs! Look at the toes that could double for fingers! Look at the contrast between my Sasquatch feet and Sara’s dainty painted toes!

It looks like a feet version of Beauty and the Beast.

  8 Responses to “Half Nekked Thursday Pool Feet”

  1. Your feet are perfect. Sara’s are nice too!


  2. You know what they say about large feet! Sarah has very nice toes.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  3. AAG- Thanks. My feet can also change the channels on the TV.

    Suze- It’s true. Guys with large feet have very large shoes.

  4. Nice toes!
    I bet you can toe pinch!

  5. Both sets of feet look very nice and appropriate for the owner.

  6. She has such wee little feet! HHNT!

  7. madame X- Why yes I can.

    Jaenelle- You’re too sweet.

    Tragic- lol, she does!

  8. Shon, I won’t comment on your feet, but Sara’s look suck-able, spank-able, and a bunch of other -ables too.

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