Aug 252006

It was on the second date that I knew I would never make Wendy my submissive. It wasn’t because of her looks, for she was very pretty with straight brown hair and an ample chest. It wasn’t because she wasn’t eager; on our first date, she had told me that she would happily have me between her legs and down her throat. I knew Wendy would be a fabulous sexual partner, but she lacked one essential element I look for in a submissive. It was only fair that I inform her of this after our waiter had brought us our dessert.

“Will we be going back to your place?” she asked. She dug into her double fudge cake and did something naughty with her tongue and the spoon.

“No, Wendy. I don’t think we will be seeing each other after this,” I said. My dessert was a simple key lime pie, with no sauce or topping.

Wendy pouted, which is hard to do with a spoon in your mouth. “Why not?” she asked. “I’ve never had a complaint before.”

“I am sure you haven’t,” I responded. I knew this because Wendy loved to talk about her sexual adventures. In two dates, she had told me no less than eleven stories about her sexual prowess. The woman was insatiable and men took it as a challenge to sate her.

“Then why not?” she asked. She took another bite of her dessert, and I have to say that I did like the way her full lips closed around the spoon.

“Just because you like kinky sex does not make you a submissive,” I said. “Sure, you consent to being tied up and spanked, but in none of your stories have you told me of how you did something purely to please your man.”

I took another bite of my key lime pie. The flavor filled my mouth with pure tart bliss. I savored the flavor of that one bite while Wendy quickly consumed another bite of her dessert.

“I have never had a lover walk away unhappy,” she said.

“I don’t doubt that,” I said, “but in every one of your stories, you talk about how you get what you want as well. Like how you slowly convinced Eddie to go down on you even though he hates doing it. Or how you talked Robert into learning how to use a flogger because you enjoy it. Being a submissive is about making your dom happy, and a submissive derives her enjoyment from her dom’s happiness. Sure, a good dom will give a sub what she wants on occasion as a reward, but for the most part, it should be about what the dom wants.”

Wendy frowned and ate another heaping bite of her dessert. The whipped cream clung to her lips like cum. She was upset about being rejected. I imagine it was a new experience for her.

“Don’t feel bad, Wendy,” I said. “I am a particularly selfish man. Other doms will be glad to take you as a submissive. I, however, know that what I want out of a submissive is her total willingness to attend to my needs. And I can be demanding and cruel.”

I knew then that I had made a mistake. Wendy’s frown melted into a half-smile. Her bright blue eyes brightened, and she licked the cream from her lips. Rejection had given way to pride and I knew what the next words out of her mouth would be.

“Test me,” she said. “Use me as you wish. Give me a chance. I promise I will be good.”

Common sense told me to reject her offer. It was insincere, and it would just be one long waste of time. She would try for a short time, but ultimately, she would get frustrated and then passive aggressive before finally lapsing into a tantrum. It was all just as certain and predictable as the whipped cream melting on her dessert.

So why did I not reject her right there and then? It was her dessert. Watching the whipped cream and the chocolate sauce smear onto her lips and be licked off by her tongue had awakened my arousal. Oh, my brain knew better, but my cock was taking over now.

“Come sit over here,” I told her. I moved down the booth I was sitting in to give her room. Wendy smiled in triumph, reveling in the knowledge that once again she’d gotten what she wanted.

She got up and sat beside me. “Want a hand job?” she asked with her usual tact. “Or are you going to finger me?”

For an answer, I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in for a kiss. Wendy was surprised, but after the first resistance, she stopped fighting and leaned in. She opened her mouth to me slightly, giving me a teasing taste of her tongue.

This would not do. I opened her mouth with mine. My tongue pushed in and tasted her. I sucked on her tongue and smashed my lips to hers. This was no kiss out of a romantic movie; this was an outright invasion of her mouth. Wendy groaned, and I felt her hand go to my chest to push me back, but I grabbed her wrist and firmly planted it down on the table. My other hand kept her head pinned to mine while my mouth ravaged her lips.

I took my fill. It was strange. I had never really enjoyed kissing that much, but tonight was different. For the first time, I really understood how much better full lips were over thin ones. In the past, I have shoved fingers, gags and my cock into mouths, but using my own mouth was so much more personable and invasive. I didn’t kiss her as much as I took her mouth and claimed it.

When I broke the kiss, my lips were tingling. I had a vague memory of that same tingling from my first girlfriend. Every kiss should be like that, violent and unyielding. My cock agreed as it pulsed with a hardness I had not felt in a while.

“Wow,” Wendy said. Her hand went under the table, but I caught her wrist again before she could reach my cock. I squeezed her hand till she bit her lip in pain.

“Here are the rules,” I said. I hadn’t planned any of this, but the rules were coming off my bruised lips as quickly as I could think of them.

“Your mouth belongs to me now. Get that smirk off your face. I’m not talking about blow jobs or feet kissing. I’m talking about your kisses. They are mine now. I will kiss you when I like, for as long as I like. There will be no sex, no heavy petting, not even touching below the neck. You will surrender your mouth to me and I will take your kisses for as long as you please me. Stop pleasing me with your kisses, and I will release you to seek out other men.”

Wendy touched her lips and I knew they were tingling too. “That’s it? No spanking? No bondage? No climaxing?”

“To start with, yes,” I said. “Give me your kisses for, let’s say, a month, and I’ll reevaluate what I want from you then. Prove you can be satisfied with pleasing me, and I’ll consider other ways you can please me.”

“A month?” she said. Her disbelief was comical, but oh my, did it turn me on. This pretty little slut was offering everything and all I was taking was her kisses. I did want her body, but most of all, I wanted her on my own terms. To take such a sexy delight and limit myself to only her mouth, that was true control.

Wendy touched her lips again. “Fine, all right,” she said. She said it as though it were a dare. No way could she believe I would hold back for a month. Or maybe she’d had her first hint of what it would be like to exist only to please her dom, and she wondered if she was up for it.

I grabbed her by the jaw this time and pulled her in for another kiss. This time, she didn’t hesitate. She did reach for my cock again, but I twisted her thumb till she stopped. It didn’t bother me that she tried again. Even a kissing slave needs to be trained.

We kissed, and this time the passion was vicious on both sides. Our mouths battled as the emotions we were going through bubbled to the surface. Neither of us knew what would happen first. Would I fuck her, or would she come to enjoy her role? Would I use her mouth for other things, or would she quit first?

Either way this relationship was far more interesting now than a fuck and a spank. Ultimately, that’s all I wanted.

Well, that and Wendy’s kisses.

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  1. Goddamn. Thats wild hun. I loooove that. I also agree with the male perspective’s view on submissive. I “do” because it pleases him which in turn pleases me. I get all I need from that and if he gives me more (he usually does – it pleases him to drive me fucking insane) then I have been gifted.

  2. The perspective is interesting to me. I’m sort of a Wendy. Would I submit to a Shon? Never have, but I won’t say I never will.

  3. Hmmmm….Is this a new serial? I’m seeing potential here! ;)

    Well… potential for an interesting story anyway. But Wendy?…. not sure of her potential. She’s obviously got it all wrong.

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