Aug 162006

Some people have a list of the books or movies that would take if they were every trapped on a desert island. I have a different take. I sometimes look at censorship and I get these paranoid delusions that one day the government is going to conduct a door to door search for porn. There will be a great Porn Bonfire and I need to pick a few pieces of erotica worth saving in my bunker. But what to choose?

I love reading erotica online. It’s personal and often geared towards real desire as opposed to trying to please the lowest common denominator. Nine times out of ten, free internet porn is better than stuff you buy in stores.

So let’s talk about that one out of ten shall we?

“The Marketplace” by Laura Antoniou is one of my favorite BDSM books. It takes a realistic approach to how a real world consensual slave market would operate and it puts more of an emphasis on Service over Sex. It is not a book with a lot of sex actually, but it the kind of book that changes how you view BDSM.

I treasure this book because the four main characters are clichés you see so often in BDSM fiction but they get put through the gauntlet of practical common sense. The sissy submissive male, the shy submissive female, the bratty sex vixen and the arrogant gay stud are broken down and remade into real people. To me it reads like one author’s attempt to change reader’s unhealthy expectations of BDSM and turn their fantasy into something that could happen.

It is the first book in a series but don’t let that put you off. This book is very self contained and the sequels deal with tangent characters.

Disclaimer- I met Laura once and I found her to be very funny and modest. I doubt she remembers me, but I had a great time listening to her stories in person.

“Master/Slave” edited by N.T. Morely is that rare gem in that it is an BDSM anthology with a focus on Male dom/Fem Sub stories. It’s nice to have a thick book crammed with one kind of dynamic. Half the book focuses on Masters and the other half on Slaves but it’s all sex and it’s all BDSM.

Like any good anthology, some stories are awesome, some are okay and some suck. It should be that way so you can get the maximum spread of stories. I read a new story every few days and digest them. The nice thing about erotic short stories is they can stick with you all day long.

Incidentally, this book is the most popular book I have ever put in my bathroom. Guests disappear for ten minutes and come out with blushes. That’s worth it in itself.

Lastly I offer a book light on BDSM but heavy on fun. “Game For Anything” by Lyn Wood reads like a dirty story from the Oxygen Channel. The main character gets caught up in a weekend party where there is a series of puzzles that lead to an inheritance prize. The puzzles have an erotic theme and the main female has a romance, some good exhibitionism scenes and of course, problem solving detective work. It’s a book about a smart gal having smart sex. The way the puzzles demand certain naughty behavior appealed to my BDSM tastes without getting heavy enough to offend vanilla folks.

So there you are. You have three books you need to buy and store for the upcoming Anti-Porn Armageddon that some people are begging for. Store these books away for arousal, education and a good late night climax. What books do you think I should add to the Erotiterrorist Censor Shelter?

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  1. Black Lace (the house that published “Game for Anything”) is an AWESOME erotica publishing house. I first encountered them when I was on a college class trip to England. I found one of their books at a newsstand at Victoria Station when I was going to be on a train to Canturbury. That book (“Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” by Cheryl Mildenhall I think, I have to check the book when I’m at home) and “203 Ways to Drive a Man Wild in Bed” by Olivia St. Claire were the books I kept busy with on the plane ride home.

  2. The AntiPorn Armageddon!
    So now I am flashing on this Fahrenheit 451-esque world where in the lovers of porn must re-enact their favorite pieces of erotica to keep it alive after the Antipornites have destroyed all porn.

    OMG…what a great idea for a movie!

  3. Jaenelle- Black Lace is a nice publishing house but man, their covers leave a lot to be desired.

    Madame X- lol, so essentially there would be an ‘oral’ tradition of keeping porn alive?

  4. heheheheeheh
    you just said ORAL

  5. I didn’t buy the book for the artwork, but for the description and looking at the first chapter. ;)

  6. I treasure my copy of O. The rest can be replaced.

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