Aug 082006

Today I step away from the world of porn, instant messeges and up to the minute politcal news and walk into the happy sunshine world called the Pool. There the hot Georgian sun will be tempered by the wonderful cooling waters. Atlantan women will lounge about in various states of undress and I will make sure they are tanning properly.

Sometimes but not lately Spanking Friend Sara shall be with me, where she will no doubt tell me of her many adventures in cock. The woman is like a slut story mine.

I will also be joined by Agatha Christie, a charming lady who writes books about charming old ladies and even more charming Belgian travellers. Agatha insists that there may be a murder at the pool which I find quite unexpected but I will humor her and keep an eye out.

While I am watching out for murders and listening to tales of golden pussies and cocks, please remember that tomorrow is the last day for the Cell Phone Slave Paddle contest. We have far more enteries than I ever expected but I would love to have yours.

I am off to rub down in various lotions.

  6 Responses to “Erotic Alert Level: Soothing Water Blue”

  1. Good choice, man.
    You have my entry, right?

  2. Soothing blue sounds lovely, but not necessarily all that erotic. The color here will be purple …

  3. sounds like a nice day…

    I sent you my double entry (pic and words) a little while ago.

  4. wrygirl- Yes I do :)

    Wordslut- Man, I forgot how nice it was to be submerged.

    jaenelle- Got it :)

  5. Sent mine in. Just under the wire ;)

  6. Was going to have an enty (although I will be looking for the paddle myself) but Girl wasn’t feeling well on Saturday, so the planned “two red tushies” entry didn’t happen.

    And by the time I make it happen, it’ll be too late for the contest. Oh well, guess I’ll have to deal:)

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