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Feels weird doesn’t it? Cell Phone Slave is over and here it is Wednesday and we have no new part. Amaya is being trained by Wesley and is she enjoying the experience? Was there a reason that Wesley had such grueling tests? Was her submission everything Amaya hoped it was? How does Wesley act day to day, as opposed to cool and cruel for an hour on the phone? I’m curious too but at the same time that part of the story wasn’t nearly as important as the transformation Amaya went through to get there. I could write the day to day story of what Amaya is up to now, but as a writer, I want you to write that ending so that the story ends just the way you want it.

That doesn’t fill the strange hole that I am feeling now though on Wednesday. I want to replace Cell Phone Slave with another big long series but it really helps to write that series first. Right now I am bouncing between several ideas; almost all of them things I have never tried before. I’d like to tell the story of an older submissive; someone who has been in the lifestyle for over a decade and then goes through a transformative event. I’d like to tell a Coming-of-Dom story. I’d like to revisit the boys of the kinky fraternity and tell a story of friendship. They bounce around in my head, jockeying for position and when I pick one, it may take up to six months to write it all.

So what shall we do in the meantime?

I’d like to have a little contest. I bought some more 2$ pizza shovels that are the Best Damn Paddles I’ve used in awhile. They are sitting on my desk and I would like you to have one. But because I am a writer and because I am a dom and because I am really missing Amaya and Wesley right now, I want to have a little contest. I want you to earn that pizza shovel. I want to have one last little test and I want you to be rewarded with what I hope will be a good luck spanking charm.

I have two methods in mind and both of them depend on a Need-To-Be-Spanked basis. One is that you send me an e-mail describing why you need this paddle. Are you a bad girl? Are you a very good girl? Do you know such a girl? Are you a guy who aspires to be a Wesley? Are you already a cool dom and deserve such a token of power? Write me and tell me why this paddle should be yours. Beg, brag, demand, testify; it’s up to you.

The second method is more crass and lewd but hey, it was that kind of a story. Send me a picture of the ass that needs to be spanked. Clothed, nude, wearing a purple thong, it doesn’t matter. Send me a piece of the ass and convince me it needs to be spanked right by the paddle on my desk.

Send either or both submissions to my e-mail address of shonrichards at yahoo{dot}com. I swear on a stack of busty submissives I will never share your images or written statements with anyone. I’ll pick a winner next Wednesday or if submissions are large enough, I will extend the contest to two weeks. The paddle shall be mailed out and I will even sign it if such a thing interests you. Hell, if you want I’ll even sign it as Wesley.

Are you ready for the last dare?

  11 Responses to “Cell Phone Slave Wrap Up- Token of Appreciation”

  1. Can I just suggest that your new story have cake in it?

    Ni kinky cake stuff, not that it wouldn’t be fun, but everyone’s life should have a little cake in it.

  2. How about if I take the challenge and combine both of them? ;)

  3. A contest? Oh, baby!

  4. janelle- lol, I like a gal who tries double hard.

    Madame X- I briefly considered a BDSM cooking story and then realized it should be written by someone who can cook better than I.

    Green eyes- That’s the reaction I’m looking for.

  5. Hey, now I have a new wish to add to my list …

  6. Hmmm,…a delightful challenge! Wonder if Kylearyn’s “up” to it? ;)

  7. I’m a very good girl, I don’t need to be spanked. Ok, maybe I need it, but I don’t deserve it. And obviously I don’t like it. Oops, I just lied… guess maybe I’m NOT such a good girl. ;)

  8. M- Careful what you wish for . . .ah screw it. Wish away :)

    Tragic- I’m sure you can get a rise out of him :)

    Lara-I think you’re great :)

  9. Good girl? Not at all.

  10. Larosa- a good woman?

  11. But how to top the last ass photo I sent you?

    hmmmm. hmmmm.

    guess I’ll have to go narrative.

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