Aug 092006

It takes a ruthless cold heart to sort through these entries and pick winners. So many of you sent me pictures of asses or little e-mails where you make your best passionate plea for a paddle. I want to give you all a paddle but damn it, the Publix doesn’t seem to think they need 30 pizza shovels on stock. They gave me a weird look for buying three as it is. So I am forced to pick winners when I feel like all of you are winners.

I am not sure if I can announce who won. There is a certain level of anonymity in BDSM. We all live secret lives and we don’t know if the person next to us in the grocery store is buying that pizza shovel for pizza or hot ass. Kinky folks are out there, and you’ll have an easier time finding someone else who likes spanking than you will finding an extraterrestrial, a ghost or a dungeon without a black color scheme. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you so you’ll be extra nice to your next date, not knowing if he has a paddle tucked under his car seat.

I will tell you there were three winners. One was a man who loves his wife very much and complained about the lack of good paddles. Another was from a woman who’s never been spanked with a paddle at all and she wanted her boyfriend to wield my token like a blessing. The last winner was a woman who asked for the paddle, asked to be bruised and asked to be used in so many ways with such a simple pizza shovel. Yeah, that will get you a prize.

But much like Wesley, I plan to call without warning. If you submitted an entry, keep half an eye on your e-mail. As more shovels arrive, I plan to keep giving them away. Heck, keep submitting if you like. You never know when a paddle might be coming your way.

  8 Responses to “Cell Phone Slave Token of Appreciation Winners”

  1. Well, I think I’ll be putting the photo I sent you as my HNT pic tomorrow… that’s if you think it’s a nice view. *chuckle*

  2. J- I think that’s a great idea. I might have to put a recent pic of my ass up for my HNT entry too :)

  3. Well that’s a heartbreaker, Wesley.

    Luckily, I have an in-person appointment tomorrow to distract me.

    Maybe you’ll hear about it, maybe not. (I’m nothing if not spiteful)

  4. Thanks for the present Wesley. Perhaps I’ll write a lengthly entry about what I do with it and drop you line…

  5. I’m just a brat and my HNT on my regular blog tomorrow (well later tonight) will prove it!

    So there!
    *blows juicy raspberry*

    You’ll see why my petulant little butt deserves a smack or three! ;)

  6. Congraulations to all the winners!

  7. Heck, keep submitting if you like.

    That’s a good motto!

  8. Oooooo! Now here when I read the original contest rules, I was thinking of sending you a nice little piece and a nice little picture of my ass anyways, just to be sweet, and say thank you.

    But the idea that you may still give out goodies…hmmmmmm… Shon Richards, you may very well be worth breaking my internet anonymity for.

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