Aug 152006

My name is Skippy, and I’m the Dungeon Master for Shon’s toy harem. Shon’s as busy as a mo-fo today or as we like to call it around here, Tuesday. I’ll be watching the blog today instead of getting my cock waxed by Catwoman. You lucky fucks.

Ask me a question, tell me how awesome I am or cyber me; isn’t that what you bloggers do? I am here and hornier than a slut in Home Depot. Hurry up, I ain’t got all day. Wait a minute, I guess I do.

  4 Responses to “Ask Skippy”

  1. So, which of the toy girls is the most fun to dominate?

  2. Skippy here- That would be Catwoman. I get my super villain fetish in as well as my anime catgirl fetish

  3. Skippy? HMMM
    Ok Skip Master, does your diminutive size and/or plastic genitalia interfere with your Dungeon Master duties?

  4. Skippy here- Hell no. I am hung like a G.I. Joe. Besides, it’s not the size that matters, it’s the cruelty of the way you use it.

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