Aug 102006

I don’t get mad often. I know people say that all the time but seriously, I have anger issues. I just don’t build any. I used to get angry all the time but as I discovered Buddhism and as I got in touch with my dominant side, I stopped getting angry. Someone pisses me off and ten minutes later I understand what made them do that, and why they will do it again. Now, I might come to the conclusion that they are a worthless fuck of a human being, but I don’t get mad. The highest level of anger I really approach is a low boil of sarcasm.

Yesterday I was raging beserk full green Hulk furious destructive mad.

Still am.

My electric bill ranges from 90$ to 130% During the hottest month of the year my bill was 150$. Last month it was 250$. It was a full 100$ more than it was the previous month. We had bought no new appliances and in fact I had gotten into the habit of turning off the air conditioner and walking around in my boxers.

I called the electric company and heard a long speech about how I could conserve energy. When I told them the only thing I was doing different was turning OFF my air conditioning, I broke the call center drone and she offered to send someone to re-read my meter.

I then called my apartment management and told them of the situation. They were VERY concerned and made me feel good right up until they said let them know what happens.

What happened was I got a post card that told me that they re-read my meter and everything was fine. Oh and I got a note advising me to turn off my air conditioning during the day.

Yesterday I check my mail and my new electric bill was 430$. My wattage use for the month was in the 4000’s. I had effectively used three times as much energy as I had a year ago by doing nothing different. I found myself walking through the apartment wondering if the new cell phone I plugged in was somehow creating an energy drain as big as twice the apartment before I came to my senses.

The fucking cocksucker I contacted at the electric company offered to send me a brochure on how to conserve energy. When I decline with scorn, he offered to send someone to read my meter. When I pointed out hos much good that did last time, he very reluctantly agreed to send someone out to audit my power usage but warned he had no idea when, where or who would be arriving. Essentially, that was some sort of extraordinary thing to do and he wasn’t trained on the mother fucking details.

Today I will contact my apartment management again and ask them why the fuck my power bill has spiked to triple its usual rate. I am planting my ass in their office till I get a damn answer that doesn’t make me want to smash something. I am going to get a smidge more response than their father fucking attitude of let them know what happens in the next fucking episode.

My wife is pretty depressed by this turn of events. She obsesses over why we had a car crash, a tooth that needs to be pulled and now this bill. It seems like we never can save any money because of fresh disasters and Dragon*Con is looking a bit out of our budget.

In a moment of raging clarity, I realized it wasn’t anything we did at all. This shit happens to everyone because shit happens. What makes the difference is how we deal with our shit and right now I am feeling like skull fucking the next entity that gets in my way.

430$ and they want to send me a fucking brochure.

  5 Responses to “Articulate Rage”

  1. Yikes. The drones they hire sometimes…

    Could you please let me know what is involved in a skull-fucking, as administered by you?


  2. It’s the current state that is with energy usage. Last year we didn’t use a heater during winter, electricity bill was $240.00 for three months, this year we didn’t use a heater, and it increased by $60.00…meanwhile there are many nations out there stockpiling tonnes of oil, and the little average human is told to conserve energy ‘cos it’s likely to run out’, the usual rubbish. At work, they’ve decided to terminate plastic cups for the water cooler due to the ‘environment’, and yet we go through reams and reams of paper, because we have to copy everything as well. The lip service, or environmental ‘blowjob’.

  3. *hugs*

    Something’s got to be wrong- could the management get an electrician to take a look and see if there isn’t a short or something else (like if someone has managed to get your apartment’s wires to feed their AC?) that’s racking up your useage if you have had the AC off in the meantime. And be around when the electrician is there so you know what he says?


    I just wanted to yell at them too!

  5. Darling. Has the building management done any work in the complex any time since these insane increases? I only ask because one time an old landlord of my father’s hired an incompetent crew to handle a simple rewiring of a lower level apartment. They messed up the wiring while they were adding some new fixtures in the apartment and ended up wiring three electric baseboard heaters into my father’s line. He saw almost the same type of raise you speak of and for a few months everyone denied that it was possible and told my fathr just to “cut back & wisen up” he didn’t give in though and their mistake was eventually exposed. He was reimbursed by the landlord the the landlord settled out of court with the construction company.

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