Jul 152006

Pirate Week draws to a close. It’s time to lock up the rum, hang up the cutlasses and put the wenches’ tits back into their over flowing corsets. I thought about changing my avatar back but damn, that flag is fucking cool. I really need a life size version to hang on my wall.

Although Pirate Week is over I hope you now have a little bit of piracy in your heart. It’s not about saying ‘arggghh’ or wearing an eye patch as much as being a Pirate means you never settle for what you want. Be bold, be daring and be ruthless. Go seduce that certain someone. Go be the porn star you know you secretly are. Don’t settle for anything less than you fucking deserve. Don’t sit around waiting to be rescued, go fucking rescue yourself.

Keep that in mind as Captain Tempest raids strange ports on the Astral main with a very exhausted Cabin Boy. Remember that when Captain Jane visits some feminist wrath on the Caribbean. Think of No-Pants Wally and the little piece of paradise he carved for himself. You don’t have to take on the world, but if the world is getting in your damn way, give them Hell.

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum.

  11 Responses to “Ships Sail Away But Hearts Stay Fierce”

  1. Hey Shon, thanks for the pirate week. I really enjoyed it!

  2. Dirty secret girl- Thank you for coming along for the voyage :)

  3. I loved Pirate Week, the underlying sentiment of go out and kick some ass (especially your own), we well as the rather fine writing that came out of it.

    Ahoy. Land ho. Avast. Where’s the rum?


  4. Apparently I have been drinking the rum given the syntax of that last comment.

  5. You know sometimes you read something and you think, Hey, is he talkin’ to me?


  6. I’m taking your advice and taking on “being a Pirate” as a daily discipline ;}

  7. Good advice… I’m picking the lock on the rum locker for starters.


  8. Tess- Obviously you need more rum :)

    M- I’m talking to you, and about a thousand other people I know like you :)

    Brightred- Now that would be an interesting affirmation.

    DC- always start with the rum.

  9. Farewell to Pirate week. Fuck, pass the rum before I shed any tears…

  10. Larosa- Shed clothes not tears :)

    The great thing about Pirates is that they can come back at any time. Don’t be surprised if one or two Pirate stories strike without warning in the next few months.

  11. Shon- thank you for this week. :)

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