Jul 082006

S.P.A.N.C. is a game about Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls. Illustrated by the great Phil Foglio, this card game is a self contained box set of sexy pirate goodness. If you don’t have a gaming bone in your body, you should still own this game just for the art. I had planned to do a technical breakdown of how to play the game but since this is Pirate Week, we’ll just show a bunch of saucy pictures and get the blood pumping. Click Whole Post for a bunch of lewdness.

See, S.P.A.N.C. is a game of

Space Pirate




who equip themselves with such toys like


Stabby spikey things,

Soft soled shoes,

and Sailor suits

to overcome the challenges that rise during a daring caper like

Bad Rum,

Angry monkeys,

Feindish Death Traps,

And Junior Officers,

In order to gather loot, wealth and the greatest prize of all,

The Poolboys

This is what a Pirate Game should be all about.

  6 Responses to “S.P.A.N.C.”

  1. I was wondering when I would see this here. I haven’t had a chance to play this yet, but I have a friend who owns it.

  2. I’m shooting for Ricardo; he looks hot in an apron and oh, the things I am going to make him do. Hardee har har.

  3. Mandy- It’s a fun game if you ignore one of the rules. The rules state you can swap toys at any time, which turns the game into a constant toy shuffle and made everything drag. Once we said you can only swap toys at the beginning of a caper, the game went ten times faster.

    Tess- That’s the spirit! Poolboys are there for your enjoyment.

  4. Phil Foglio is a god… I so need to get this game…

  5. Jaenelle- yes, you do :)

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