Jul 122006

I’m on the phone with my wife. She’s in her car and I hear the following things-Sirens, a loud crunch, my wife screaming, and then the beep of our call being cut off.

Five of the longest damn minutes of my life pass by.

She calls back. She’s okay. She had stopped for an ambulance and someone rear-ended her. She’s a bit sore, the guy who hit her is very sorry and the ambulance actually stopped to check on her. The car looks fine but now it makes grindy noises. The police, insurance and hitter are very helpful and everything will work out fine.

But for five minutes I didn’t have a wife and that was some scary shit.

So let’s go back to Pirate Week. Let’s realize that the good times can end at any moment and that we need to live life NOW and enjoy it like drunken pirates in a brothel. Let’s hoist a hug of something delicious and squeeze something soft or hard as your tastes may dictate.

Enjoy what you have today and everyday.

  5 Responses to “Pirate Week Ambush-Serious Shit”

  1. Oh GOD babe,.thank the heaven’s she’s OK,..What a scary thing!Please tell her I send her a huge hug, ok? & two for you for being a wonderful husband!

  2. Oh gods… It’s good to know that she’s ok!

    *hugs to both of you*

  3. Oh man oh man. Glad to hear all is (basically) well.

  4. Scary! Very glad she’s ok.

  5. Tragic- There were hugs aplenty today.

    Jaenelle- But we’ll take another :)

    Wrygirl- Basically is a good way to put it. she’s healthy but now the shock of having to get this car fixed and dealing with insurance is settling in.

    AAG- It was as scary as running out of rum on a trans-atlantic cruise let me tell you.

    Seriously, thanks everyone for your comment. That was the most terrified I and she have been in a long ass time.

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