Jul 312006

Why do Mondays have to be so bad? Is there any real reason other than the fact that it is no longer the weekend? Fuck that. It’s time we got more aggressive with Mondays.

Today is No Underwear day. If you’re wearing underwear, take them off right now! Seriously, they’re a deadly killer of fun. Take them off and keep them off. Let your genitals run free! Let your private area know they are one pants removal away from sexy fun!

Say NO to underwear today.

Just watch that zipper, okay?

  16 Responses to “No Underwear Monday”

  1. Monday might be No Underwear Day but I have a NO CAMEL TOE policy!

  2. My genitals are always running free, even if I have on panties.

    Whhhheeeeee to No Underware Monday!

  3. In a dom frenzy today, are we?

    (May I please have some more orders?)

  4. Madame X- What’s so bad about camel toes?

    AAG- Wheeee!

    M- No :P

  5. Yeah not so much on the camel toes.
    They are uncomfrotable and quite frankly…I don’t need to do THAT much laundry.

    Just saying!

  6. Ok, I’ll have to wait until lunch to take them off, because I’m chained to my desk anyways and cube farms do not allow for undressing.

  7. madame X- This is why the Goddess invented Skirts :)

    Jaenelle- Thats the spirit :)

  8. I’m complying but only because underwear was one of the many things I couldn’t find before going to work today.

    At least I found the key to my office, Sheesh!

  9. hmmm wearing a skirt with no underwear while teaching a dance class may bring in more students…

  10. Well I think I have to change my shorts before going out in public. They are basically like a skirt that go half way down my legs but have the crotch part that is like 2 inches thick. Yeah this description isn’t working at all, Lets just saw I would flash people when i walk.

  11. Generic Joe- Even accidental compliance is appreciated.

    madame X- I only have yoiur economic interests at heart.

    Mandy- and this is bad how?

  12. And see I rarely wear underwear… So it’s not that big for me.

  13. Oh no you don’t. First I’m not wearing underwear, then I’ve sprung $600 on airfare to Atlanta, spanked with a pizza spatula and ass-fucked with a hairbrush.

    It’s a slippery slope, baby.

  14. Lisaveta- The No Underwear Monday rulebook states that if your normal condition is to be underwear free, then you should put on some terribly over complicated underwear as your change of pace.

    Wrygirl-And again, where is the bad?

  15. Um, hello $600!!!!

  16. How terribly complicated could panties get. I guess I could have worn a corset under my dress… or gone with old fashioned bloomers, mmm now there’s an idea. ;)

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