Jul 202006

I was tired. Really tired. I went to the bedroom and just fell on the bed. No covers, no undressing, just all collapsing. My wife decides that now would be a good time to take pictures. I was too fallen out to care and she snapped away.

This morning I go through them and what do I find? My wife has taken either a picture of Sam, or she took an ass shot. I am leaning towards the later.

  22 Responses to “Half-Nekkid Thursday Fallen Out”

  1. Maybe next time you could be a little less tired and actually take off your pants first? :P


  2. but ohhh what a sex bum it is! HHNT! darlin’

  3. And a lovely ass shot it is! Happy HNT!

  4. Or it could be an ass shot of both you and Sam.


  5. It’s an ass shot, and a very spankable ass at that! *running, hiding, disconnecting “smack m” button*

  6. Well, granted, you could have taken your clothes off first… but it still looks like a nice arse trough the shorts.

    and M… you can’t run fast enough after teasing a dom like that. Trust me.

  7. Heh….very nice ass :)

  8. I’d have to agree..nice ass, less pants ;) HHNT!

  9. Nice ass. I feel a spank coming on.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  10. no, definitely an ass shot… and a nice one too :)

  11. If I weren’t terrified of you, I’d tell you how spankable that bottom is.


  12. Your wife takes an excellent picture!

    Nice Ass!

  13. Sometimes I just get in a mood to sleep in my clothes. I always feel more rest waking up afterwards.

    Very nice ass ;)

  14. Hysterical! HHNT!
    Woke up in my clothes again
    this morning…
    Don’t know exactly where I am…
    Guesss I should heed my doctor’s warning…
    He does the best with me he can…

  15. Nothing like an ass shot!!!

    Can I take a crack at it?

  16. Very cute…both of you! HHNT

  17. Cute cat. ;)

    Ok, ok, I admit it…cute ass too. :)



  18. Polt- There is always hope :)

    Sunny- Why thank you :)

    Pink Lady- Thank you too :)

    DC- True, there is cat ass in that shot too.

    M- Keep running :P

    jaenelle- My shorts are specially chosen by monks for maximum ass niceness.

    larosa- Thanks for Noticing.

    Crimson- I may have to give up clothes it seems.

    Suze- Only on Ass-Spanking Practice Night.

    MG- Thanks for the judgement :)

    AAG- You should still be afraid :)

    Green eyes- She’ll be tickled you thought so.

    mandy- But only in the sexy clothes, okay?

    andyt13- To me when I wake up in my clothes I assume it was a good night :)

    madame X- Ass and you shall recieve.

    Mommyof3- thanks :)

    Rey- The cat and the ass thanks you.

  19. Well thank your wife for me

  20. madame X- Ass and you shall recieve.

    Shon, you stole this from my blog! (Except I spelled it correctly.)

  21. Sam is cute and its a great ass so either way we all win! Happy late HNT!

  22. Im not a huge fan of cats but I do love that ass. Happy belated HNT!

    Ms SD

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