Jul 272006

Paddles can be expensive. Prices usually start around 20$ and just go up. It’s amazing to me what BDSM suppliers expect the average person to pay for equipment.

Presented here is a pizza shovel I bought for two bucks at a grocery store. It is AWESOME. It’s got the right weight, the right surface area and it hurts like a damn father-fucker.

Two bucks.

There’s a lesson there.

  20 Responses to “Half Nekked Thursday Spanking On The Cheap”

  1. As long as you have the paddle in your hand, I’ll pretty much agree with anything.

    I have the exact same sheet.

  2. Nice idea…I’ll be sure to pass it on . ;)



  3. *mouth agape*

  4. Flip and ass, flip a pizza. Certainly food for thought. Thanks for the tip. ;)

    Happy HNT sweetie

  5. You’ve gotta like a dom who knows his way around the grocery store!

  6. wrygirl- lol, it’s all about the spanker and the spankee.

    Rey- I repeat, 2 dollars! I wish I bought one for everyone.

    Madame X- Well, open mouths are a good start for a spanking :)

  7. You could give them out as party-favors at your next spanking party.


  8. Funny, the last time I was in the kitchen section at Ikea I saw a few things we could put to use in the bedroom. Great bargain buy!
    Happy HNT

    Ms SD

  9. wow…just goes to show what a little creativity will reward you with! I’ll certainly have to keep my eyes open a bit wider next time I’m in the grocery store, or the kitchen & bath stores, or the hardware store…ummmmmmm…I think I need to go shopping!

  10. always fun to get a new utensil for the kitchen

  11. Hmm, interesting ;) HHNT!

  12. You can find the darnest things where you least expect it.

  13. giggles…HHNT

  14. Suze- Pizza and ass, not a bad night if you ask me.

    M- I not only know my way, I am on first name basis with the cute cashiers.

    AAG- That is a kick ass idea.

    Ms SD- Ikea is certainly a place I hadn’t thought of. Thanks :)

    le chat- Hardware stores are still the holy kink paradise. I need to restock on my colored duct tape.

    Avery’s Mom- Right along side some wooden spoons that have never been in a pot.

    Crimson- Happy HNT to you too.

    Jaenelle- It was hard not to snicker in the checkout counter.

    Mommyof3- :)

  15. I TOTALLY have that one!!! *AND* another one that is squared off at the top…very nice!


  16. that’s excellent.
    stick with foods and kitchen utensils… works for me.


  17. Lesson learned: Shon is cheap! :)

  18. If we have the same sheet, are we bedmates?

  19. Well, I could always give you one of my sorority paddles. :)

    But seriously, I’ve been spanked with a wooden spoon, a ruler (that one left bruises), and of course, a good ol’ hairbrush. So many different things work for this…so fun to experiment :)

  20. Becca- do you shop at Publix too?

    MG- Every kitchen is really a starter dungeon.

    Art- Cheap like a guy who resents paying more than 50 cents for a comic book.

    Wrygirl- lol. I’ll take that.

    Larosa-Wait, you’re a sorority girl too? Is it true they have lingerie martial arts tournaments to determine who gets the top bunk?

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