Jul 132006

My own HNT was lost in the chaos of getting my wife home after her accident. Luckily a reader sent me this delightful picture to brighten my day. Arrrggg, that is a chest worth owning. Everytime I see that picture it makes me smile.

Pirate Week HNT apparently is about me raiding other people’s assets for my posts. Pirate Barbie volunteered her services in exchange for a teaspoon of rum.

Once the rum got flowing, things got out of hand and well, click Whole Post to see what I mean.

  23 Responses to “Half Nekked Thursday Pirate Guest Treasure Chests”

  1. You are hilarious. Does Pirate Barbie wear Pirate Underpants?

  2. Why don’t people send me images like that. Very nice pirate booby.

    Happy HNT sweetie ;)

  3. I originally read that as “teaspoon of cum.”

  4. You bad,bad man…

    I like it. :)



  5. I like the pirate tatt, we’ve had a bit of Pirates fever down here too.

    And, no I’ve never thought of Barbie in that way, but I like it!!!!

  6. That was the best ever!

    Ha, AAG, a teaspoon of cum, indeed.

  7. AHHH! I love it! Barbie – you are my hero & Shon – the pirate boob is awesome! HHNT!

  8. Gives a whole new meaning to Erotiterrorist!

  9. That was too funny, very nice pirate tatt too! Happy HNT

    Ms SD

  10. Someone was feeling pretty loose, eh, Shon? Barbie is a girl after my own heart!

    Nice paint job, too!

  11. I love it ;) HHNT!

  12. Wrygirl- Pirate barbie can be amazingly shy even when drunk.

    Suze- Have you tried asking? :)

    AAG- No one wants to see a cum-splattered Barbie. Hmmm.

    Rey- Thanks :)

    Anastacia- Arrrggg, pirate fever is the one fever I like catching.

    Tess- Pirate Barbie should have her own blog.

    Tragic- The pirate boob is pretty awesome :)

    M- arrgggg, I will never get that out of my head now.

    Ms SD- Thanks, and that was an awesome tattoo.

    Crimson- Thanks.

    Green eyes- Pirate Barbie is always loose and flexible. It’s why she is so popular.

  13. The pirate breast artwork is very nice. You’re a lucky man just to get it mailed to you… :)

    Happy HNT.

  14. Jaenelle, I’m wondering — ahem! — who sent Shon that photo …

  15. M- it wasn’t me… mine don’e end up looking that full and rounded look outside of a bra.

  16. Oh my God but things have changed for the worst. Now Barbie’s got styrofoam genitals. Unless that’s a high cut brief that can neverr come off, which would be even worse.

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